Photo of Desmond Hatchett father of 30 kids by 11 baby mamas
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Desmond Hatchett: Man With 30 Kids By 11 Different Women Reality TV Show?

Photo of Desmond Hatchett father of 30 kids by 11 baby mamas

If you read this headline that got you here, then you already know of the Tennessee dad Desmond Hatchett, now known nationwide as the man who fathered 30 kids by 11 different women, as reported on

Well, they are now labeling Desmond Hatchett as ‘Octodad,’ in comparison to reality TV personality ‘OctoMom,’ but it really should be ‘TrigintiDad’ as that is one of the numeral prefixes for the number 30.

Well, either way, Desmond Hatchett has definitely sparked attention, whether for good or ‘bad’ reasons and , if you’re human, you’ve got to be wondering at least one of the following questions:

  1. How does a man father 30 children by 11 women and then ask for child support help from the state?
  2. How does 11 women have a kid more than once by a man with so many kids by so many different women?
  3. Is Desmond Hatchett “the man?!” aka a charmer with the women?
  4. Where the hell is ‘Knox County’?!
  5. What must Desmond Hatchet’s life be like managing 30 kids and 11 different ‘baby mamas?’

Any more questions you have?!

Well there’s probably a lot more unanswered questions, but we couldn’t possibly cover them all, without a survey of at least one hundred people.

The big question is “How many people would watch Desmond Hatchett, if there was a reality TV show on “The Man With 30 Kids By 11 Different Women?!” Don’t lie!

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  1. I like the stupid question of “where the hell is ‘Knox County'” Knox county is Knoxville, Tennessee, one of the largest cities in Tennessee, maybe you should do some research or go to school. LOL idiots.

  2. If the paternity is in question, why isn’t anyone getting this guy, all the mothers and the kids over to the Maury show? Do tests on all of them, then sort out who is and isn’t Hatchett’s children. Vegas can take odds on how many of the kids are actually his. At the very least, the whole gang of 42 will get a nice little trip to NY and stay in a moderately priced hotel for a few days.

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