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"Hip-Hop is the best brand building community in the world."
Russell Simmons

Banner Ads

Banner ads are one of the most cost-effective ways to advertise on Banner ads are your digital billboards online and come in a number of sizes and placements. Are you looking to increase website visits, bookings or sales that direct to the website of your choice? Banner ads are a great way to accomplish this.

Video Advertising

Digital video advertising is becoming the dominant force in digital marketing. allows you to show your video advertisement during a video stream as a pre-roll (before the video starts), mid-roll (in the middle of the video) or post-roll (near the end or at the end of the video). 

In addition, offers multi-screen digital video advertising so your video ad is seen across multiple devices.

Mobile Ads

Mobile ads allow you to target users of that are on the go. With mobile ads you have the choice of a number of formats ranging from full-screen ads that capture the attention of the viewer, native mobile ads and, of course, sticky ads that hangout at the bottom of their screen until the viewer closes it.

Digital Radio Ads

This is your opportunity to engage consumers whether it be on their mobile devices, in their car, their connected home or on their computer. offers digital radio ads that tap into these platforms. In-stream ads are advertised on Memphis Rap Radio Stations as either :20, :30 or :60 second spots. 

In-stream audio ads put brands in front of our listeners.

Sponsor Ads offers article sponsor placements that will allow you to show your hyperlinked logo on a particular article and upcoming articles. Link your logo to anything you want to direct readers to. Want something unique? We offer specialty categories in which your brand can be within each article.

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Real time stats knows how important it is to see your campaigns in real time. advertisers have access to an analytics dashboard which gives you an overview of how well your banner and rich-media advertisements are doing.

Targeted categories or content

Outshine your competitors by doing something that they aren't doing. Advertise your brand, product or service by targeting specific categories and content.

Change Out Your Banner Ads

Keeping your ads fresh is one of the bonuses of display advertisements. When you are running a campaign on and you feel that your ads are not achieving the results that you would like, you can swap it out for another ad.

Responsive Ads

Responsive ads allows you to reach a broader audience on multiple platforms (desktop, tablet, mobile). Using responsive ads reduces overhead and increases ROI (return of investment).


Instead of traditional digital advertising, your business can opt for sponsorships which in turn allows you to brand around content and programming such as brand-sponsored content, events, on-air sponsorships and live broadcast sponsorships.

Combine Ad Formats

Combine ad formats for better results. If viewers see your display ad on and then hear your in-audio ads on Memphis Rap Radio Stations they will immediately connect it with your other campaigns therefore branding you before their eyes and in their ears.


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