Althea Heart exposed
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Love & Hip Hop Atlanta’s Althea & Boyfriend Video Sex Tape and Photos Leaked

Althea Heart exposed

Love & Hip Hop Atlanta season 3 has been a roller coaster from Rasheeda and Kirk martial woes to Mimi Faust & Nikko’s “Scandal In Atlanta” tape and now the latest being Benzino’s new fiancée Althea Heart being exposed through photos of her being naked and an alleged video tape.

If you’ve been keeping up, in the last following episodes, Althea Heart has become everyone’s enemy and, with Karlie Redd threatening that she had dirt on Althea, everyone has been wondering what it could have been.

Forget about Karlie Redd’s threat, it seems that Stevie J, who has allegedly slept with Althea (she admitted it), had dirt of his own all along.

Stevie J allegedly is behind the releasing of a photo of Althea being intimate with her man Benzino after a riff with his business partner.

To get back at Stevie, Althea posted a conversation between Benzino and Stevie J in which Benzino tells Stevie that he is a “h** a** ni**as for a cracked h**.”

Following the leak of that picture, more has surfaced online from an anonymous source including an alleged video which is supposed to be Althea Heart.

Reportedly the male in the video allegedly with Althea is not Benzino and may be from a previous relationship.

One thing is for certain, it doesn’t look like a commercial production like Mimi Faust’s ‘scandal’ tape.


Althea Heart shower

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  1. It is amazing to me how mimi can talk about Joseline and call her a prostitute and stripper all kinds of names but sorry mimi your no better. You almost could forgive Joseline because of being young and stupid and not having proper upbringing. However, your not old but you certainly are no young chick either and you have a child who will pay for your irrational decision. You will do anything for her you said in last episode then you shouldnt let that trashy, ugly looking thing pimp your body for money. IF MONA PRODUCER of love and hip hop is truly behind it then this show really aint worth anything and I hope it gets cancelled. Exploiting women for ratings she’s straight up garbage…. Mimi if you were my daughter I would disown you. I believe that thats what your gonna get from your daughter. Stevie do your job for your daughter apparently her mother lost her scruples. Joseline learn yourself and too get you some class so that you can help Stevie raise his daughter correctly. Mimi shame on you!!!!!!

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