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The “Young King Cole,” P. Jericho, Releases Mixtape “Seize,” Shows Why He Is The Next R&B Sensation

P. Jericho

Meet P. Jericho. He has often been dubbed the “Young King Cole” after the legendary singer Nat King Cole because of his singing style and smooth vocal delivery.

Originally from Cameroon Africa where he grew up in his father’s church choir, P. Jericho represents Chicago where he spent his high school years. After high school, he attended college in Vancouver BC Canada. From Vancouver he spent time in Oakland, CA and Los Angeles. Through his international and U.S. travels, his vocal talents had proven to open many doors for him where he was able to pick up different styles from many places in his journeys and develop unique recording techniques that would prove him to be a unique vocalist like no other. His singing style is a brazen mixture of Nat King Cole’s smoothness, Macy Gray’s rasp, and Michael Jackson’s melodic tones. P. Jericho, also known as “Mr. International” because of his various residencies and fluency in French, is an artist that is boiling below the surface waiting to explode onto the scene for the world to witness his talents. “Because I grew up in Africa, I was not exposed to a lot of western music. But those who where pop stars inspired me such as Michael Jackson, Nat King Cole, and Lauryn Hill. Later on in my life, anyone with a jazzy, R&B or blues sounds had some effect on my development as a singer,” says P. Jericho on his musical influences.

P. Jericho is no stranger to the mainstream lime light. Currently, one of the hottest songs in Canada was born from his pen and pad. Jericho co-wrote a song called “Shut it all down” which features rapper/reggae artist Jahfus and singer Ray J. The song has found monumental success on Canadian radio and will take the U.S. by storm soon. P. Jericho has also released a single with Konvict Music artist Kardinal Offishall called “Exercise (Sexercise)” which is a proven club banger and a top 40’s delight which has already broken ground on major market radio stations. Currently signed with Mike “Heat” Williams’ Firehouse 23 productions in Los Angeles, Ca, P. Jericho is excited about his future. He has had discussions with Def Jam, Konvict Music, Motown Records and other major labels about projects. Right now I am working on several more singles leading up to my album with various producers who have put in time with me to build something people would take in as raw but yet soothing music and talent. Good music. I am also writing for more major artists.”

P. Jericho states his thoughts on the present condition of R&B as well. “I have never thought R&B had ever lost its touch. I believe it continues to evolve. Those who are selling records still maintain the same level of difficulty. There is a little more you could get away with today content wise, but there is still a lot of good R&B out there. People will always appreciate what a good singer brings to the table.” P. Jericho is a very good singer and active in the music world and keeps his fans engaged with his latest projects. You can check him out at his video channel at His networking sites are and

P. Jericho has also released a mixtape with Firehouse 23 productions for his fans called the “Seize Mixtape: an audio motion picture.” He shows his song writing ability and gives his listeners and fans a presentation of how he can take over or “Seize” a hit song with his penmanship and singing talent. Listen and Download the “Seize Mixtape” here.

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