Apple iPhone Fingerprint Scanner for iPhone 5S or iPhone 6
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Don’t Give Apple the Finger! New iPhone Rumored To Have Fingerprint Reader

Apple iPhone Fingerprint Scanner for iPhone 5S or iPhone 6

The Apple iPhone, which has been losing it’s luster recently, according to some critics, is rumored to possibly be adding a new fingerprint reader.

It may be very well true for the upcoming iPhone to have a fingerprint reader incorporated in the rumored iPhone 5S or iPhone 6 since it has been revealed that in iOS 7 beta 4 code there is reference of using the technology.

The code in question comes from the folder “Biometric Kit,” which was publicly brought to everyone’s attention reportedly by Hamza Sood after the iOS 7 beta 4 code went live and developers started hacking away at it.

As with most developers, they also make reference for future things in their code, however it sometimes doesn’t surface anytime soon or become a part of reality until months or even years later.

Well, it could be proof enough that Apple has its eye on fingerprinting, but don’t be ready to give Apple the finger just yet.

Could the fingerprinting be for special apps or unlocking one’s phone? We will have to wait and see.

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