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Woman Gets Off Work To Find Home Bulldozed Down By Husband After Joking With Him

Wife Goes To Work Husband Bulldozes Home

Imagine you joke around with your husband or wife about remodeling your entire home, you leave and return to find out that your husband or wife has completely bulldozed your entire home down with all your belongings inside.

Reportedly, that’s what happened to Diane Andryshak, of New York State, when she returned home surprised, to say the least, and shocked, possibly terrified as she saw nothing but rumble in the spot where her home use to stand.

Diane’s husband, James Rhein, was in a conversation with his wife who says she was kidding around when she asked him was he going to bulldoze the home before she left due to extensive remodeling that needed to be done.

What she didn’t know was that when James responded with ‘Yeah’ he was ‘bulldozing serious.’

Diane went to work and came back home and she found what is pictured above.

James Rhein claims he tore down the home because it was simply ‘in bad shape’ adding that he and his wife are still “good.”

“I’m a good husband, what can I tell you?” he said regarding their relationship.

Rhein was arrested on criminal mischief and released on $300 bail and believes the whole situation was just made “too big of a deal”.

James Rhein mugshot

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