R. Kelly performs at Macy's Music Festival 2013
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R. Kelly Fans Pissed & Upset At Cincinnati Festival “Bring Ya A** Out”

R. Kelly performs at Macy's Music Festival 2013

It’s one thing to be R. Kelly the King of R&B of the 90’s, but to be allegedly late to perform almost two hours can make even the most loyal fans grow ire.

The music icon, was due to perform at the Macy’s Music Festival in Cincinnati, Ohio on Saturday when he arrived late and allegedly took nearly two hours before he took the stage.

While R. Kelly is now apologizing for his part in the tardiness, he mentioned via twitter that there were technical problems that occurred at the event.

As for Macy’s Music Festival spokesperson Frances Santangelo, it was confirmed that R. Kelly did indeed arrive late and therefore the show got delayed by 50 minutes.

Meanwhile, fans who were awaiting for his performance at the Paul Brown Stadium took to social media networks to express their dismay in the artist after being their all day to see others performers such as Leela James, Morris Day and The Time, Fantasia and Kem.

Many believed that the award winning artist was a no-show while others stated R. Kelly would be the last person they would ever want to see perform.

Reportedly, fans grew so frustrated about R. Kelly not being on time that they began chanting “Bring Ya A-s Out” as his music song “Trapped In The Closet” played. When R. Kelly did emerge, fans still continued voicing the frustration asking why he didn’t apologize after taking the stage at nearly 1 o’clock in the morning Sunday.

R. Kelly closed out the night for the two-day festival, which saw a 50 percent increase in attendance and is stated to to have been the most successful in its 51 year history.

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