Photo of Kanye West with Juan Epstein
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Kanye West Talks Hip Hop, Music, Drake’s Success & More In Juan Epstein Interview

Photo of Kanye West with Juan Epstein

Kanye West recently sat down in an interview with Juan Epstein and spoke about hip hop, his past life experiences, early influences as a music producer, rapper Drake’s success and more.

Juan Epstein revealed that he had been waiting awhile to chop it up with the music producer and went in first asking about Kanye’s early experiences.

Kanye West discussed his past as a producer including growing up experiences, mixing, sampling, and more in-depth.

West goes into also talking about adjusting to Drake’s success and wanting to ‘write for him’ before the rapper got ‘too big.’

Among many other things, the rapper in his sneak peek video clip and audio interview released with Juan Epstein, talked about meeting Michael Jackson, and much more.

Watch the video snippet or listen to the more in-depth audio interview below:

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