Photos of Kala Bray, Memphis teen sentenced to 14 years for pimping other teens

Petite Memphis Teen Girl Called ‘Menace’ For Pimping Other Teen Girls

Photos of Kala Bray, Memphis teen sentenced to 14 years for pimping other teens

A 19 year old petite, 100 pounds Memphis girl named Kala Bray is being called a menacing pimp by prosecutors after being arrested for allegedly coercing two teen girls, 15 and 16 years old, into prostitution and pimping them out over the internet.

Bray allegedly led the girls to believe that she was taking them to a Houston water park but instead forced the girls into prostitution, by sex trafficking them over

She did not go at it alone, allegedly, Bray had an accomplice, Vincent “Pistol Pete” Jones.

Bray supposedly even joined in during sex, and reportedly was paid by one unidentified Memphian, a total of $900 for one night of sexual activity with Bray and the two minors, according to the indictment.

Bray and Jones are also accused of drugging the teens in Texas at a Houston hotel, where they set up shop, and forced the girls to have sex with multiple clients.

Fortunately, one of the girls managed to escape her captors, and called for help.

Bray and Jones allegedly were arrested but somehow got in touch with one the teens who they continued to pimp, according to the indictment.

Bray was soon arrested again, Jones fled but was captured later by FBI.

Bray has reportedly since apologized to one of the teens claiming she “was messed up.”

Bray was sentenced on Thursday to serve 14 years in federal prison and 5 years supervised release. Bray was also ordered into a drug treatment program and she has to register as a sex offender.

Jones, on the other hand, faces up to life in prison.

In related news, Kala’s original attorney Mark Sarapkin, who is no longer licensed to practice law in the state of Tennessee, has been accused by Bray of allegedly waiving fees for her, his then 17 year old teen client, in exchange for oral sex. Saripkin filed a motion to withdraw as Bray’s attorney earlier in January filing “a conflict of interest,” and currently Sarapkin no longer practices law.

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