Mom of Memphis Missing Baby Charged With Murder After Infant Found Dead: DETAILS

Andrea Walker charged in the murder of her missing baby

Memphis missing baby Aniston Walker’s body has been confirmed as the body that was found in a ditch in Millington, TN and her mother, Andrea Walker has been charged with murder in the first degree.

Baby Aniston, a 7 week-old, who went missing in January, had been missing for over a month before the discovery of her body by a motorcyclist was reported.

On Sunday, the body of a baby was found in a ditch fitting a similar description of Aniston Walker on Singleton Parkway in the Memphis metro area of Millington, TN.

The baby was discovered 11 miles from the home of Andrea Walker and found face down in a ditch wearing the same onesie described in the Amber alert that was issued on January 9.

Initial reports speculated that the body could be that of Memphis missing baby Aniston, however police would not comment.

7 week Memphis baby missing Aniston Walker
It was Sunday when the body was found, then on Monday morning, Aniston’s mother Andrea Walker surrendered to police.

Andrea Walker, 33, told police after her daughter was reported missing in January by the baby’s father, that she left Aniston with her 3 year-old to take her 5 year-old son to school. Walker was charged with aggravated child abuse and was released on a $250,000 bond on Feb 5th.

After surrendering to police on Monday morning, it was confirmed that the body of a baby found in the ditch was that of Aniston Walker.

Andrea Walker has since been charged with first degree murder after surrendering to the police.

Walker has been charged with two counts of murder in perpetration of a felony and is due in court on Tuesday, February 18.

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  1. Babies are precious Gifts from God. If you can't handle the responsibility than think twice keep ur legs closed. No baby deserves this! And no parents who has no heart for their own child should ever see the life of FREEDOM again! They should be behind bars Forever!

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