FedEx packages

FedEx Indicted for Trafficking Illegal Drugs for Online Pharmacies

FedEx packages

FedEx has been indicted by the Justice Department in connection with shipping illegal prescription drugs for internet pharmaceutical companies.

Reportedly the DEA and FDA and members of congress had pre-warned FedEx numerous times since 2004 about illegal online pharmacies using them to traffic their drugs.

FedEx isn’t the first company to face a similar investigation by the Justice Department.

In 2013, UPS, the world’s largest package delivery company, paid $40 million dollars as a settlement for the same case which FedEx, the world’s second largest package delivery company, now faces.

FedEx vows its innocence and, according to reports, FedEx doesn’t plan to plead guilty.

FedEx claims they have called for an industry-wide solution to the problem and says that the charges brought against them place their customers’ privacy at risk, for whom they deliver more than 10 million packages a day for.

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