Photo - Crave Nightclub Memphis

D.A. Shuts Down Memphis Nightclub Crave; Owner Releases Statement on Facebook

Photo - Crave Nightclub Memphis

The address 380 Beale Street, which has been the location for a number of nightclubs over the years and now houses Crave Nightclub and Lounge aka Club Crave, has been declared a public nuisance. The venue was shut down by the Shelby County District Attorney Amy Weirich after dozens of violent incidents, fights and shootings have plagued it.

Club Crave was shut down around noon Thursday, December 27, 2012, following the latest shooting incident that left one dead and three injured in the wee hours on Christmas Eve (Dec 24) after a Christmas Event held for Memphis rapper Yo Gotti, as reported on

Memphis Mayor A.C. Wharton, who spoke during a news conference, emphasized that the place must go while Police Director, Toney Armstrong, revealed that they have done all they could do and the location just needs to close.

Armstrong stated that when the nightclub is open, on a nightly basis, the police department is basically responding to calls at the location.

“In a year’s time from December 1, 2011 to December 24, 2012, officers have made a total of 175 arrests on or around the property at 380 Beale,” stated Police Director, Toney Armstrong.

Armstrong also stated that during an investigation officers responded to Club Crave 54 times.

But is there more to the story?

One of the Crave owners, Randy ‘Twin’ Williams, released a statement, one day prior (Wednesday). Williams, in the statement, said that instead releasing a message to media, who will twist his words, he decided to make a message for his people on the social networking website Facebook.

According to Williams, there was absolutely no problems at Club Crave that night.

“We as a team work hard @Crave to make sure our customers not only have a good time, but to ensure their safety inside our facility as well. We go the extra mile and beyond to make sure no one bring any kind of weapons inside our facility… from taking off shoes and belts, to pat downs all before entering our facility. To everyone speaking negative on Crave, I want you to really understand there is only so much we can control.”

Williams goes on to state that they can not control what happens on the outside in public streets. Furthermore, Williams says nor does he have the rights to a parking lot.

“We can not control what happens on the outside in public streets nor can we control a parking lot that we have no and I repeat no rights to,” wrote Williams.

Some citizens wo think the club has potential of being a better nightclub and have been posting their thoughts and suggestions about Club Crave. Some have even stated that if Crave wants to stay, they should deter the younger ‘eighteenish’ crowd by upping the age to 25 and older.

Beale Street merchants couldn’t be happier about the closure of the building which they believe is tarnishing the city and Beale itself. The question now is how long will it stay close?

Meanwhile, the city is hoping to demolish the building and will be putting in a condemnation petition in January in hopes of turning it into — a parking lot.

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