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Buzzin: Yo Gotti’s Mixtape Diss to Three 6 Mafia; Miscellaneous calls out Gotti

Rapper Yo Gotti

The self-proclaimed King of Memphis Yo Gotti’s mixtape has a buzz more than ever now since both Yo Gotti and Three 6 Mafia’s profiles have risen to greater levels due to national spotlights.

Gotti’s opening track on his mixtape comes in with “What Up Three 6/Know You Don’t Like Me/But I Don’t Give A F**K.”

Yo Gotti’s dislike for Three 6 Mafia became most known with the release of his album “Back 2 Da Basics” but it definitely is nothing new. But not until now did it have fans wondering will it ever end or will it ever deem a response from Three 6 Mafia.

In other news, artist Miscellaneous is wondering will he ever receive a response from Yo Gotti concerning his song “Memphis Walk” which, in a recent phone interview with, Miscellaneous claims Gotti tried to steal from him like he done before on another song and Miscellaneous claims Gotti hasn’t paid him for royalties he feels he is due.

Rapper Miscellaneous

Recently Miscellaneous sent a public invitation to Gotti’s people inviting Yo Gotti to attend The Memphis Movement event (view pictures) held at the Civil Rights Museum in Memphis, TN back in June 2006. Since Gotti did not attend and has not responded, Miscellaneous has answered with a new Yo Gotti diss song entitled “Get Ya Mind Right”.

In the song Miscellaneous calls Gotti out with lyrics like “Just to Let You Know B**ch/This Ain’t A Battle This Is Ana/How You The Real King of Memphis/When You Stay in Atlanta.. These Ni**as Be Claiming They So Real/When They Running Out of Raps When They A** Get A Deal/Ni**a You Need To Get Yo A** Popped/You Voted Outta Memphis B**ch You Can’t Come Back To Your Own Block/You B**ches F**king With The Wrong One/You Then Did Alot of Sh** But You Then Stole The Wrong Song.. Getcha Mind Right.” Hear the full song at

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