Arkansas Doctor Is Flown To Memphis Hospital After Bomb Explodes in Lexus

An Arkansas doctor was flown to the Regional Medical Center hospital in Memphis, TN from Arkansas and may be later transferred to a burn center in Ohio after a bomb exploded in his white Lexus hybrid SUV at his West Memphis, Arkansas home.

Dr. Trent Pierce, a family practitioner, was critically injured Wednesday (Feb. 4) when a bomb placed on his Lexus hybrid SUV exploded in the driveway of his home, police said.

“We believe he was on the outside of the car when the explosion occurred,” West Memphis Police Chief Bob Paudert said speaking on Pierce who was leaving his West Memphis home for work.

Paudert added that it was quote “some type of explosive device” which was planted in the car.

As of yet, there are no motives or additional information on what caused the explosion or why it was targeted at Pierce’s car or Pierce himself.

However, Pierce is named as a co-defendant in a case that on last month made its way to the Arkansas State Supreme Court. The case involves a lawsuit which was brought on by the estate of a deceased woman, Norma Louise Ramsey, against Pierce. The case was also against the Memphis Dermatology Clinic and other defendants including Golden Living which is a senior citizens’ medical facility formerly known as Beverly Enterprises.

In that case, Pierce motioned to dismiss the appeal and was granted the motion on Jan. 22.

Currently, the FBI is assisting local authorities in the investigation of the bomb explosion.

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  1. I work for the local newspaper here in West Memphis, and it is apparently a bomb of some sort, not a hybrid malfunction. Although it could be an exploit of the hybrid technology (As much an exploit as soaking a rag in gasoline and stuffing it in the tank). He was outside the vehicle looking at the exposed hood, presumably because there was something wrong with the car. If you want high-res pictures from the local news source where I work visit my site.

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