2010 WNBA Draft Coverage: 36 Talented Ladies

The time that all the women college basketball athletes were waiting on: the 2010 WNBA Draft.

The future was now for 36 beautiful and talented ladies.

Hard-work, dedication and the will to be the best prevailed all of these ladies to this very moment in their lives.

At Secaucus N.J., 36 ladies received their chances of their dreams coming true.


1. Connecticut (from New York through Minnesota), Tina Charles, C, Connecticut.

2. Minnesota (from Connecticut), Monica Wright, G, Virginia.

3. Minnesota, x-Kelsey Griffin, F, Nebraska.

4. Chicago, Epiphanny Prince, G, Rutgers-Botas Spor(Turkey).

5. San Antonio, Jayne Appel, C, Stanford.

6. Washington, Jacinta Monroe, C, Florida State.

7. Connecticut (from Tulsa), Danielle McCray, F, Kansas.

8. Los Angeles, Andrea Riley, G, Oklahoma State.

9. Atlanta, Chanel Mokango, F, Mississippi State.

10. Seattle, Alison Lacey, G, Iowa State.

11. Indiana, Jene Morris, G, San Diego State.

12. Los Angeles (from Phoenix), Bianca Thomas, G, Mississippi.

x-traded to Connecticut for 2011 first- and second-round draft picks.


13. New York, Kalana Greene, F, Connecticut.

14. Washington (from Minnesota), Jenna Smith, C, Illinois.

15. Connecticut, Allison Hightower, F, LSU.

16. New York (from Chicago) Ashley Houts, G, Georgia.

17. San Antonio, Alysha Clark, F, Middle Tennessee State.

18. Washington, Shanavia Dowdell, F, Louisiana Tech.

19. Tulsa, Amanda Thompson, F, Oklahoma.

20. Los Angeles, Angel Robinson, F, Georgia.

21. Atlanta, Brigitte Ardossi, F, Georgia Tech

22. Seattle, Tanisha Smith, G, Texas A&M

23. Indiana, Armelie Lumanu, G, Mississippi State.

24. Phoenix, Tyra Grant, G, Penn State


25. New York, Cory Montgomery, F, Nebraska.

26. Minnesota, Gabriella Marginean, F, Drexel.

27. Connecticut, Johannah Leedham, G, Franklin Pierce.

28. Chicago, Abi Olajuwon, C, Oklahoma.

29. San Antonio, Alexis Rack, G, Mississippi State.

30. Washington, Alexis Gray-Lawson, G, California.

31. Tulsa, Vivian Frieson, F, Gonzaga.

32. Los Angeles, Rashidat Junaid, C, Rutgers.

33. Atlanta, Brittainey Raven, G, Texas.

34. Seattle, Tijana Krivacevic, F, Hungary.

35. Indiana, Joy Cheek, F, Duke.

36. Phoenix, Nyeshia Stevenson, G, Oklahoma.

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