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Hip-Hop and Gaming Today: Rappers Who Reference Gambling

Hip-hop and rap music are two music genres which have been and continue to be hugely popular around the globe today. The lyrics in the tracks, from A-list artists through to the lesser known, still can promote and influence listeners, potentially even more so nowadays. In many tracks from these genres, artists will reference fast cars, money and gambling.

With regards to gambling, a lot of artists and rappers love the thrill and excitement it brings; plus the street cred that comes along with it. Furthermore, there is no doubt with the onslaught of engaging mobile casino brands such as mFortune as well as the new opportunities opening up in United States after PASPA being repealed, that everyone is spoilt for choice. So let’s take a look at famous stars with gambling on their minds.

Ghostface Killah – Pokerface
Pokerface by Ghostface Killah in 2006 is arguably one of the most popular gambling related tracks of all time. Ghostface Killah takes his listeners on a journey, one which every poker player will be able to relate to, with references to the river, cash games and winning a $400k pot. The track goes as far as including background noise of poker chips clinking together and samples taken from World Series of Poker tournaments, in what is one of the most popular gambling tracks ever produced.

Lil Wayne – Young Playa
Lil Wayne is one of the biggest hip-hop artists and rappers on the planet with millions of fans all around the world. He linked up with Big Tymers, an American hip-hop duo, for the track titled Young Playa, which sees Baby from the Big Tymers refer to gambling in the track. “In the back-card gambling, at the bar drinking, but go head, just be quiet with ’em lil one” are the lyrics used, and it’s not surprising to see them appear in a Lil Wayne track as he himself is fond of the odd gamble. The pint sized artist has been known to stake $10,000 a time on bets in the past.

DJ Jazzy Jeff & the Fresh Prince – Numero Uno
DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince, aka Will Smith, shot to fame by releasing some mega tracks like Summertime and Boom! Shake the Room between the years of ’85 and ’97, but it’s another track titled Numero Uno which is of interest here. With the line “Cause your gambling just like craps and Trump go ahead roll, Snake eyes you lost chump” the duo refer to gambling, which of course is no surprise with Smith said to have been an avid gambler at one time.

Ludacris – Put Your Money
Ludacris is another instantly recognizable name from the hip-hop and rap game, and he teamed up with another heavyweight, DMX, for the track Put Your Money. The second verse of the track is interesting as Luda refers to gambling a couple of times. With lines “Somebody tell my fam I got a gambling problem” and “So all my ramblers, runners and money scramblers, put your drinks up to all the compulsive gamblers” it’s a track which is based on gambling itself, with further references made throughout. Luda’s game of choice is poker, and the rapper can often be seen at poker tables on pictures across his social media channels.

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