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The New Gangsta Boo! In Black Dress and High Heels

Gangsta Boo photo in black dress

Yes, it’s only one photo… we know.. but Boo’s looks good! Don’t cha think? Anyway the Crazy Lady Entertainment / Drum Squad recording artist seems to be coming into herself. Boo has been preparing and preparing for her anticipated album release “Gangsta Forever,” which is expected this year and she has been recording some new work with Drumma Boy and the Drum Squad in Atlanta while taking photos such as this one all in preparation for her new album.

According to Drumma Boy in a recent interview with, “it’s time to shine the lights” so maybe this picture is a start, well at least for now it’s all we got, well not really!

Check out Gangsta Boo’s photo.

Gangsta Boo photo in black dress

Plus: Watch Gangsta Boo video, one of her latest, Video Blog Pt. 1 ‘F--k Boy’ featuring Drumma Boy.

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  1. Dam are there some hatin asses in this world! Why does it matter what she got, how she livin, and whats goin in her nose!All that personal info b------t means nothing @ the end of the day! What matters is MIC DOMINATION & MASS APPEAL. I really wanna see her branchout and spread her wings she in there and has been for dam near 20 yrs.Its been far 2 long and we ready for some GANGSTA BOO GET GREEDY GIRL, Fuckem!

  2. Out of all them damn Videos and Platinum plaques, this n---a going to say the Lease, is in her name. Dude get the f--k out of here. You mean to tell me she still RENTING, Property. She doesn’t OWN, any property. That’s f----d up. All that hard work for nothing.

  3. First Off, K-Le Da’Vincci
    We really appreciate all of Your Love & Support! Thanks!

    As I stated before, Gangsta Boo is doing Great, and Like I said she just moved into a Beautiful Condo in Buckhead, the upperclass area of Atlanta. Grated Community and Everthing… (And her name is on the Lease, Just to throw that out there)

    Why would Drumma Boy, and Multi-Platinum Grammy Nominated Producer f--k with Gangsta Boo if she was sprung out on Drugs, Homeless, and just a F--k Up?

    Come On, that would just “hurt” is brand!

    The main reason why Gangsta Boo album was been put on hold is because, she was waiting on Drumma. She could have been put out Forever Gangsta if she wanted too, but she wants Drumma to be able to focus 100 Percent on her project and give it the attention it deserves.

    That Time is Now! The album is 75 Percent Finish, should be done with the week couple of weeks, (Hopefully the First of June.) We will have Mass Marketing & Promotion(Radio, Television, Magazines, Online Hip-Hop Sites, etc etc etc) thoughout the rest of the Summer and the album will come September/October 2009.

    Let me just say this, Gangsta Boo is far from the person she used to be! I remember Boo used to be really mean, back in the day, Like Interviewers would ask her questions and she would be extra raw and short with them. I can honestly say she’s a new person. Now that she’s not around all of that Negative Energy!

  4. Well, all that for little ole me!! Wonderful!! I\’m not trying to go back and forth with Gangsta boo\’s cocaine friends, I\’m just telling it like it is!!

    I use to be a Gangsta Boo fan! I\’ve also had my own run ins with her to know the type of person she is!!

    She doesn\’t have her own car or apt…be real for a change Boo!! The people that really know her know that she\’s living with some of her Caucasian friends in Florida!!LOL

    She has a friend on her myspace page named Shaniqua that will tell you all the way how it is when her and Boo get mad at each other!! \”Boo cant bust out an album cause she wont stop treating her nose\” coming from Shaniqua and she just mad cause i had my p***y in her face coming fron Boo!!

    I know for a fact Boo is a Bay head though. When she brings her broke a-s to memphis don\’t nobody wanna f--k with her..she gets no love!! LOL

    She\’s one begging a-s b---h claiming she independent LOL I\’m done talking about trash!! It is what it is!!

  5. The only problems Boo has had was with Three 6 Mafia not paying her for her services. Other than that Boo is doing great.

    Boo doesn’t even live in Memphis anymore, She has a beautiful Condo in the Buckhead Section (Upper Class Section) of Atlanta. And If I’m not mistaking, she has a home in South Florida.

    Boo is putting the finishing touches on her 4th Studio Album “Forever Gangsta” which like Fatty said, will be Online & In-Stores this coming Fall on Crazy Lady Entertainment/Drum Squad Productions. (BTW_This album will be released independently, BUT Boo will have major Marketing & Promotion)

    This Album will showcase a brand new Gangsta Boo. Tracks Featuring Nicole Wray, Mia-X, La Chat, PB Memphis, Rich Boy, Gucci Mane, and More…

    Boo has been working on this album since 2005, and if I must say so myself, it is worth the wait. 2009 is Boo’s Year.

  6. (YAWN)….
    Ok,… And they begin by saying “I’ve heard allot about the type of person she is from a few of her close friends!! I didn’t know she had a cocaine problem…and that’s the reason 3-6 didn’t want her.”

    Get real,… whoever you heard that from couldn’t possibly be a “CLOSE Friend”. A “Friend” is not about to put their allies business out in the street.

    2nd of all, it’s obvious NOW that 3-6 didn’t want ANYBODY in the 1st place other than “The Last Two Standing”.

    3rd of all; to make a statement such as “This look that you see now won’t last long cause she is not a classy type chick!! She’s gutta and her true colors will come out if her album ever drops!!” is such a cop out statement.

    Let’s review briefly over Gangsta Boo’s resume’ real quick. Shall we?

    Stage Name: Gangsta Boo
    Real Name: Lola M.
    Hood: Black Haven Zone
    Label: Hypnotize Minds at age 18!


    18!!!! That’s STRAIGHT out of high school DIRECTLY into the pros, and sources tell me that she had dealings with the group at least 2 1/2 years before legally being able to sign her.

    You know what that’s called???

    And I mean exactly that, RAW. Without the proper “Etiquette Courses” (Artist Development), who was going to tell her how to act? And by placing a Crown on her head and labeling her “Queen” (RIGHTFULLY EARNED) didn’t make the situation ANY better. She was much younger then than she is now, and WISDOM comes with age. One would only hope that sure she makes MUCH wiser decisions now than a teenager on the TOP.

    On top like WHAT?!

    18-19 yrs young, On Top like Chapter 2 World Domination!
    When you’re the 1st lady that makes you the QUEEN. Still to this day,… Memphis has not seen another “QUEEN” like her, even if you throw La Chat into the equation it’s still not the same.

    As Far as looks are concerned,
    Let’s take a quote from MY 1st comment.

    “I’m glad she’s more in tuned with her “Feminine” side now. AND EVEN MORE EXCITED that she has a TEAM of people that give a f--k about her well being as an artist . . . DRUM SQUAD WILL GIVE HER CHANCE TO GROW AND SHOW how diverse the Queen Can actually be.”(See 1st quote for whole statement.)

    The statement was SELF-EXPLAINITORY, but I’m going to elaborate to help PAINT THE PICTURE!

    And obviously somebody has told her to ENHANCE the looks she already has.
    Album Cover + Cover Girl= a PLATNUM CHANGE! Not to mention her NEW producers
    credit list that LOOKS like this…

    Doc holiday – George Bush
    USDA – White Girls
    USDA – Quickie
    Young Jeezy – Standing Ovation
    Young Jezzy – Lets Get It
    Gangsta Boo – Show Ya Girl
    Paul Wall – Gimme Dat
    Gucci Mane – How Hood Is This
    Master P – There They Go
    Money Moe – Trapholic
    Fats – Doin Numbers
    Chyna White – Drop A Bundle
    Miss B – Take A Step Back
    Yung Joc – Livin it Up
    Plies – Shawty
    Grand Daddy Souf – Make It Rain
    Yo Gotti – Full Time
    Lil Scrappy – Stack that Papper
    Boyz In Da Hood – Trap Niggaz
    Scarface – Recognize
    8ball MJG – Grey Goose
    Gangsta Boo – Sippin And Spinnin
    Gangsta Boo – City streets
    Jody Breeze – Getcha Gangsta On
    Yo Gotti – Shawty
    Bella – Caught Up
    Kristyle – Riddin Like A Cowgirl
    Kristyle – Find Me In Ya Town
    Pastor Troy- Will He Come Home Tonight?
    Young Jeezy- Go Getta (Remix) (On the USDA album)
    Young Jeezy- The Realest
    Boyz N Da Hood- Hood Laws
    Lil Scrappy- Like Me
    Yo Gotti- Thats What Up
    Boyz N Da Hood- Look
    Turk- Real Down Here
    Yo Gotti- Warrior


    And this list kind of old,… Let’s not even talk about the more prevalent work they have done and NOT gotten credit for. The Hint is DRUMMA BOY HAS BEEN DOING S--T FOR MAJOR LABLES,…as well as Ensayne,… FOR A MIGHTY LONG TIME. They know what they’re doing. Believe me, Drumma is NOT about to allow Boo, to take a MAJOR RELEASE step out with a WHOLE ALBUM and allow it to wack out. PERIOD. So that pretty much sums up the part where you said “Her album is sure to flop…”

    As far as the “everybody knows as long as your a bad person bad will follow you! I hope she figures that out sooner or later.” Is concerned…

    You don’t know her your damn self. If you did you wouldn’t have said “I’ve heard a lot about the type of person she is from a few of her close friends!!” funny thing is,… THEY MAY NOT KNOW HER EITHER!
    (ALSO, “your” is YOU’RE. As in YOU’RE a Dumb a-s to think “YOUR” was the proper word to insert in your sentence. LOL) J/K But let’s get back to the serious situation at hand here shall we?

    Now Moving On…
    I agree, the BULK of her material hasn’t been as well as it should be POST 3-6… (CHILL-OUT “LOLA” IF YOU’RE READING THIS LET ME MAKE MY POINT 1st.)
    So In your favor I’ll agree that ALL of her material Post 3-6 has been wack. But like I said, MIX-TAPE SHYT DONT COUNT.
    Which leaves us with her last RELEASED ALBUM, “Enquiring Minds II: The Soap Opera” in my opinion, WAS POORLY PRODUCED (with the exceptions of DRUM SQUAD Tracks NOTED) AND VERY POORLY PROMOTED (I blame Yorktown for this.)

    Enquiring Minds II: Soap Opera’, released in 2003, peaked at number 53 on the R&B/Hip-Hop chart and 24 on the Top Independent Albums charts.
    If you did your research, you’d know what’s IMPORTANT other than what some hear say MO-Fo has told you.
    Your Case is dismissed.

    -K.Le DaVincci

    #1 Prospect For New-Age hip In Memphis

    Catch me at

  7. As far as I’m concerned Gangsta Boo can stay were she’s at! I’ve heard alot about the type of person she is from a few of her close friends!!

    I didn’t know she had a cocaine problem…and thats the reason 3-6 didn’t want her.

    This look that you see now won’t last long cause she is not a classy type chick!! She’s gutta and her true colors will come out if her album ever drops!!

    Her album is sure to flop…everybody knows as long as your a bad person bad will follow you! I hope she figures that out sooner or later.

    All of her music lately has been wack!!

  8. In all honesty. ITS GOOD TO SEE SHE’S BACK and I am eager to hear her latest material. Considering she has been off the Memphis rap scene for a while (ALBUM RELEASE WISE) its going to be nice to hear what she’s been brewing up after ALL these years.
    PLUS she has “DRUM SQUAD” to hold her down. With Drumma Boy in her corner it’s kinda hard to f--k that up. You know he did “PUT ON FOR HIS CITY!” What I’m mostly worried about though, for her fans sake, is her consistency, and rebuilding her charisma.

    True enough Boo is looking greater than she has ever before, being quite captivating now; I WONDER will her music CONTRIBUTE to her new “GLAMOUROUS” look.

    And speaking of looks I am not even shocked about her “New Look”.


    I glanced into this window of potential back in 2007 during the SEA AWARDS.

    I’m glad she’s more in tuned with her “Feminine” side now. AND EVEN MORE EXCITED that she has a TEAM of people that give a f--k about her well being as an artist and not being exploited by a group of low vocabulary morons all influenced by heavy drug usage that would RATHER use her as a sex symbol.
    DRUM SQUAD WILL GIVE HER CHANCE TO GROW AND SHOW how diverse the Queen Can actually be.

    That’s MY OPINION and f--k anybody that don’t like it.
    It’s better than hiding behind a phony name and being scared to reveal my TRUE IDENTITY!

    K-Le DaVincci

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