Paul Aronson and Shalaine Foster
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Teen Girls, Twin Sisters Tie Up, Rob 85-year-old ‘Sugar Daddy’ They Met on Dating Site

Paul Aronson and Shalaine Foster

An 85 year-old man in Manhattan, New York named Paul Aronson was reportedly tied up and robbed by two teen girls – twin sisters Shalaine and Shaina Foster he met them on a dating website were sugar babies can reportedly find their sugar daddy and/or sugar daddies can find their sugar baby.

The reported 85 year-old ‘sugar daddy’ Paul Aronson was allegedly bound to a table and robbed by the teenage twin sisters after meeting them for dinner and then taking them to his upscale New York town-home were he offered the under aged girls alcoholic drinks.

Paul Aronson, pictured above with Shalaine Foster (images taken from Facebook and Twitter), reportedly took Shalaine and her twin sister Shaina to his five story town-home at East 38th Street, gave them a bottle of Bacardi Razz along with a tour of his home as he reportedly asked the teenage girls perverted questions about their sexual experience including their favorite positions.

The 85 year-old ‘sugar daddy’ allegedly had a sweet tooth and thought he had found his candy that was going to be easy as a baby in the candy store.

The girls’ lawyer Brian Kennedy says not only did he feed them the Raspberry Bacardi Rum which he lured them to his home with a promise of much more, but he also used his luxurious home and even his fluffy puppy named Muffins to try to allure the girls and put the smooth moves on them.

Kennedy claims the girls were suspicious of the 85 year-old man inviting them to his home and giving them liquor and at one point wanted to leave but their sugar daddy wasn’t ready for them to go and grabbed one of them.

The girls reportedly tied the 85 year-old man’s hands up with zip-ties along with his legs to a coffee table and took his wallet and credit cards, which they reportedly went shopping with for allegedly make-up among other things.

Aronson was found 20 hours later after being tied up.

Shalaine and Shaina were taken into custody and held without bail until a court appearance on charges of kidnapping, robbery, burglary, assault and grand-larceny.

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