Thomas Washburn mugshot
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Teacher ‘Punishes’ 6 Yr Old Kindergarten Girl By Taking Her Shirt Off In Front of Class

Thomas Washburn mugshot

A kindergarten teacher is facing jail time after he took off a 6 year-old girl student’s shirt in front of a packed classroom as ‘punishment.’

Thomas Washburn, of Adams Elementary School in Mesa, Arizona, reportedly got upset in his classroom of kindergarten students and began shouting in the classroom frightening some of his students, particular a six year old girl student who hid her face under her shirt.

The 54 year-old kindergarten teacher, at that point, demanded the girl take her face out of her shirt, which she failed to do.

What did Washburn do after she did not comply with removing her face from under her shirt? The upset Washburn completely removed her shirt in front of her classmates and left her naked from the waist up for around ten minutes.

Eventually Washburn returned the 6 year-old old girl’s clothing who was, at that point, breaking down crying likely over the fright and embarrassment of the incident.

Washburn was arrested Wednesday after he revealed to the victim’s parent what he had done.

The victim’s mother told the principal’s office who alerted police and detectives investigated and Washburn was booked on multiple counts of indecent exposure and one count of child abuse.

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