rep Steve Cohen congressman
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Steve Cohen PEARL Ad Being Called Offensive and Racist.. LISTEN..What Do You Think?

rep Steve Cohen congressman

Steve Cohen, U.S. Representative for Tennessee’s 9th congressional district, has been accused of releasing an insulting offensive and racist radio ad by various people expressing their views on social media sites.

In Steve Cohen’s new radio ad, a woman is heard in a dialect that some deem to be insulting and racist.

At the end of the radio ad, Steve Cohen is heard saying the infamous political endorsement for the political ad, “This is Congressman Steve Cohen and I approve this message.”

The new ad is entitled “Pearl” after the woman identifying herself by that name, who talks about the 2014 congressional race in Tennessee District 9 which Steve Cohen currently holds the position of and is running against Ricky Wilkins (Democratic), Charlotte Bergmann (Republican), Dr Isaac Richmond (Democratic), Floyd Alberson (Independent) and Paul Cook (Independent).

Meanwhile, comments have been overflowing online comparing the ad to that of Popeye’s Chicken, an old era dialect, amongst other.

Take a listen below and see what you think.

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