What Is Hurricane Sandy Expected To Cause On East Coast When It Hits NY, DC, PA, VA?

By now, news of Hurricane Sandy has echoed and spread world-wide. While the hurricane draws near the East Coast with expectations to hit Philadelphia, Washington, Maryland, Delaware, New York, and others soon, the question many have on their minds what is expected when the growing hurricane hits.

On Monday, Hurricane Sandy which will be approaching the east over the next 8 hours at the speed up to around 85 MPH with winds gusting to around 105 MPH. Hurricane Sandy is expected to bring not just heavy rain and wind, but also at least a foot of snow in the Appalachians.

Forecasters have warned that Hurricane Sandy could likely collide with a cold front creating a super-storm. The superstorm could produce flash floods, snowstorms as well as enormous power outages lasting for days.

Over the last week, Hurricane Sandy has shown how deadly it is after claiming at least 67 lives already along the Caribbean with 51 being in Haiti.

The storm, as of now, is having such a severe impact that government agencies have closed, schools, businesses and even Wall Street. Wall Street, which went into emergency mode on Monday due to be in the designated evacuation zones (flood zone), has told its’ workers to work from home.

So what is expected?

Power outages with many like not to be restored for days
Flight Delays and suspension of public transits
Storm surge along New Jersey, New York and Connecticut.
Flooding and rainfall up to 8-12 inches in areas such as Dover, Delaware; Baltimore, Washington and Philadelphia.
Snowfall around Pennsylvania and Virginia.
Hurricane Sandy to move towards New England and mid-Atlantic states.
Coastal flood warning until 3PM EDT Tuesday with a high wind warning until 6PM EDT

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