Oklahoma Mayor Apologizes After Husband, Friends Dress Up As KKK at ‘Halloween’ Cross Burning

Theresa Sharp, mayor of the small Oklahoma town of Lahoma issued an apology after her husband, Cary Sharp, and his friends, held a Klu Klux Klan rally as a ‘Halloween prank.’

So, Cary Sharp, 47, along with his friends thought it would be a good idea to role-play as the KKK for Halloween.


Sharp and his friends are seen in a photo in full Klu Klux Klan white robes and hoods holding burning torches in front of a huge cross symbolizing the once terrifying cross burnings of a dark past.

Cary Sharp himself says that the display of them in white sheets standing in front of a cross and bonfire was simply for Halloween.

Meanwhile, Mayor Theresa Sharp issued a statement apologizing saying that she doesn’t know anything to say but “I’m sorry,” which she directed at ‘the community [of Lahoma]’ as well as to ‘the public’ for the “poor judgement” of her husband and his friends.

Mayor Sharp added that “it was stupidity” and “does not reflect [herself]” or “anyone else… in [their] community.”

While Cary Sharp and his friends were holding a prank KKK rally, Mayor Sharp, who says she and the city [of Lahoma] does not endorse the behavior of her husband and his friends that night, claims she was “trick-a-treating with [her] child” for Halloween.

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