Arlington School Board Members

School Board in Shelby County Approves Corporal Punishment: Paddling Returns To Classrooms?!

Arlington School Board Members

Is paddling returning to the classrooms in Mid-South schools? One Memphis metro area has been approved to possibly bring the paddling back into the classrooms at some schools.

According to Local Memphis, newly formed Arlington School Board has approved corporal punishment.

This comes one year after Shelby County School board members dismantled the policy of corporal punishment which banned paddling students in Shelby County since last year.

But that now may be changed reportedly via the vote of the new Arlington School Board.

According to board members, the vote came with the support of parents and teachers who were in favor of bringing corporal punishment back into the classrooms.

Reportedly though, not all members agreed.

Board member Danny Young stated that he agrees with punishment, but believes corporal punishment should be done at home.

While the vote to bring corporal punishment back into the classroom has passed, parents will reportedly have the ability to opt a student out by writing a letter.

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  1. Teachers that come to work only interested in a check, now armed with PADDLES?! Yeah, this spell disaster. Not to mention, unless our school system gets MORE MALE PILLARS of OUR COMMUNITY that are WILLING to make a DIFFERENCE, we’re doomed. They can take the paddles and play ping pong all day. But until y’all are ready to TEACH, and get into the MINDS of not only the students but the PARENTS as well to understand where EACH and EVERY CHILD is coming from physically and “MENTALLY” you’re wasting our tax money… AS USUAL.

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