Memphis rapper Godfellowwith baby son
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Memphis Rapper Shot, Gunmen Fire 16 Bullets In Drive-By Days After Baby Is Born

Memphis rapper Godfellowwith baby son

A Memphis rapper out on the town in Arkansas was shot in a drive-by shooting when gunmen followed him from a Nightclub and shot into the vehicle he was driving at least 16 times, according to police.

“I just had my son, he was 5 days old, I wanted to go out and celebrate life,” said Cortez Currie, also known as Memphis rapper and promoter Godfellow, who claims he doesn’t really go out but to Industry events mainly but that night was a special night for him – at least he thought it would be.

A member of the rap collective Splash City Boyz, Godfellow had plans to celebrate life after the birth of his new son with another associate out on the town in Arkansas but instead the rapper almost lost his life instead.

“I ended up going to West Memphis, to the casino.. I was on high, got to this club – like a motorcycle club, he was just buying up the bar having a good time,” Godfellow explained to via phone.

That’s when Godfellow say things turned for the worst.

“Later I was out in the truck waiting on him [my associate], it was about 2:30 AM. About 20 minutes later, he came out the club running shot in the arm. I came out to him and asked how do I get to a hospital! He was like turn here, turn here, we did like 2 or 3 turns [and] got to a stop sign at 14th and Broadway.. where the Dodge’s Chicken [is].”

That’s when the rapper says some guys pulled up next to them in a gray van “almost like it was a movie.”

“It was almost like it was a movie, you know, he pulled up on the side, my side, with the sliding door already open, raised up his gun and shot, it went into my leg,” the rapper explained.

That’s when Godfellow says the men kept shooting, around 16 times according to police who the rapper still fortunately had the ability to call after his military instinct kicked in, even after crashing the car when trying to getaway from the gunshots by the gunmen who sped off after firing their 16 shots.

The rapper, who says police showed up minutes later, was hit once in the leg by what police say was a Glock 40 loaded with explosive bullets.

“I believe it was a sign from God. I believe I was just at the wrong place at the wrong time. I’m not really a ‘wild out’ person or anything like that. I’m just thankful, I thank God to be alive,” speaks Godfellow.

For his son, and himself, the rapper says this is not going to sway him away from living life but instead focus more on living it including through his son, his music, work with his non-profit Eat Memphis that’s planning an upcoming food drive for Christmas and other projects, including a new movie which starts filming in December entitled The Man I Am and a new album he’s planning to release around his birthday in March.

As far as the matters of a motive in the shooting, the rapper was not able to discuss it being that the incident is still pending investigation.

Meanwhile, the rapper is home recovering from his wound, while spending quality time with his son.

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