Robert Brown mugshot Memphis Shelby county

Memphis Police: 43 Yr Old Man Got A 16 Yr Old Teen Pregnant

Robert Brown mugshot Memphis Shelby county

Memphis police say Robert Brown, who is now 44 years-old, went out on a date with a 16 year-old teenage girl back in January of 2014 when he was 43 years-old.

Brown, who is now behind bars for aggravated statutory rape, had unprotected sex with the 16 year-old girl, who thought he was 21 years-old.

It was about four months in May 2014 when the teen’s mother noticed she appeared to be pregnant which turned out to be true.

The teen contacted Brown to tell him she was pregnant, so he offered to pay for her an abortion.

After the teen’s mother learned that Brown was 43 years-old, Brown, according to authorities, changed his telephone number so that the mother could not contact him.

Brown was arrested on statutory rape as a sex offender in Tennessee where you can’t be more than four years older to have sex with a teenager 13 to 18 years of age.

Robert Brown is currently behind bars with a bond of $50,000 and has a court date set for January 30th and February 2nd.

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