Zed Zilla Millionaire Grind artwork

Zed Zilla Unveils Artwork For ‘Millionaire Grind’ Mixtape and Fashion Apparel

Zed Zilla Millionaire Grind artwork

Artwork has been released for rapper Zed Zilla’s upcoming mixtape entitled “Millionaire Grind.”

The artwork was unveiled after the release of his leaked music single “Who Knows.”

The cover for the new “Millionaire Grind” was released on Yo Gotti’s official website.

Along with the news of the new mixtape and the artwork, the rapper also debuted fashion apparel from his Millionaire Grind clothing line.

While there is no exact release date, Zed Zilla’s upcoming mixtape “Millionaire Grind” is expected to be coming soon.

Zed Zilla Millionaire Grind clothing

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