Girlfriend of Frayser Man, Shot By U.S. Marshals In Memphis, Mourns; Says ‘He Was Dead In Handcuffs’

Alorea Hardwick, the girlfriend of Brandon D. Webber, the man who was shot and killed by U.S. Marshals in Frayser, Memphis on June 12, 2019 has posted a reaction to the unfortunate incident that took her loved one and baby’s dad’s life.

Wednesday will be a day that many will never forget in the community of Frayser located in North Memphis after a young 20 year-old man, Brandon D. Webber, was shot and killed.

Although reports claim that the U.S. Marshals approached Brandon D. Webber, who was getting into his car then proceeded to ram one of their vehicles and then showed a rifle, Webber’s girlfriend, Alorea Hardwick, tells a different account.

In a response, Hardwick, who went into labor after the shooting and has been hysterical over his death, says the U.S. Marshals rammed Webber’s car after pulling up behind. This is contrary to the reports that Webber rammed them.

“I’m so lost for words and everything…” says, Alorea Hardwick.

To add even more to what many believe was an excessive shooting, Hardwick adds that his neck was broken during the incident.

While sitting in her hospital bed, Hardwick says “My baby’s birth date is going to be on his tombstone as the day he died.”

Currently, a GoFundMe is being held for Brandon D. Webber’s funeral costs, a trust fund for his children as well as to open up a private investigation.

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  1. Lord please come see about her Lord. Lord put it on them US MARSHAL MIND THAT WHAT THEY DID WAS WRONG LORD.Lord put your loving arm around this family they need you lord in Jesus name amen.

  2. I agree they should’ve notified mpd first they were wrong😩 It’s so sad how they did him then turn around and portray him as a vicious individual to cover up they wrong doing this hurts my heart

  3. The police is starting to take this s--t a little too far, his neck was broken and shot 20 times while in handcuffs? how is he gonna do anything while in handcuffs police know wtf they doin smh may he rest in peace and im praying for the family 💗

  4. I agree no one deserves to die especially overkill but if I remember this is the same exact guy who just recently shot a man 4-5 times and stole his car not to mention rode around in the stolen car and just when his death hit the news the man identified him as the guy that shot him , a senseless crime that should’ve never happened because It seems as if karma came around . This was a very intelligent young man with a high score of 25 on his ACT so in my opinion there is no way this should’ve taken place anyway because we can see you’re too smart to not have done anything with that great knowledge not saying college should’ve been your choice but the street life wasn’t it ! It’s so many people who wish the would’ve made that high score but you were one who did and congrats to that but all of this was senseless and you didn’t deserve it no matter how you chose to live your life .Its beyond sad that your little ones are left behind but someway somehow you will live through them everyday RIP to this great young man you WILL gain your wings 😇💚

  5. It’s so sad…no one..I repeat no one has the rights to take a life…I’m heart broken about the situation…U.S Marshalls should alert MPD b4 all this…it’s senseless…Lord have mercy..I’m praying for the families and friends of Brandon.. peace be still 😭😭😭😭😭😭

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