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EPIC VIDEO: Fox News Reporter vs. Daycare Director Over Letting Drug Dealer In

“Why did a Memphis day care let a drug dealer into its business?” That is the question that was asked over and over again by Fox news anchor Trey Paul to daycare director Terry Oliver.

It was early this week on Tuesday (January 20) when Memphis Police were chasing an alleged crack dealer when the suspected drug dealer attempted to use a daycare in Midtown as cover.

Memphis daycare director owns interview with Fox News reporter

Apparently, suspected dealer Terrell Phillips approached the door of The Academy Day Care and was welcomed into their facility under the disguise of wanting to use the restroom.

The day care wasn’t aware that Phillips was a suspect being chased by the Memphis Police for allegedly selling crack cocaine nearby on Peach Street.

Fox 13 Good Morning Memphis anchor Trey Paul visited Academy Day Care to question why they let the drug dealer in.

Paul can be seen questioning the Academy Day Care Director Terry Oliver on multiple times during the interview on why they let the drug dealer in ‘without using their intercom or asking who he was.’

Oliver can be seen and heard sticking to her logical reason claiming that they greet potential clients who come to their door with ‘how can I help you?’

Oliver emphasized that it would not be business-wise to greet a possible customer by speaking to them and questioning them only through their intercom.

“All our clients are strangers until we know them,” stated Oliver.

Still, Trey Paul persists with question after question as Oliver simply OWNS THE INTERVIEW and even ‘flipped the script’ or ‘turned the tables’ questioning the Memphis Mayor and the city on how a sting operation was held so close to a facility for children which may not have been handled appropriately or possibly security measures could have been more in place to prevent what happened.

Watch Memphis daycare director Terry Oliver of The Academy Daycare defending why they let a drug dealer in during her interview with Fox News reporter Trey Paul.

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  1. The news reporter is obviously trying to throw shade towards the business. Ms. Oliver handled it very well and unfortunately the is splashed back on the police and their poor execution of a crack bust, possibly endangering innocent people including children.

  2. I feel like the Crack Dealer would have been shot and killed had it not been for that DayCare center. This Center not only conducted business well and ensured safety for her clients and employees but I do believe that she saved a life. God Bless you for that Ms. Terry Oliver. Because of you, somebodys son gets a chance to live long enough to turn his life around!

    • That reporter was mad because he didnt get to report another “BLACK MAN” KILLED by Law enforcement while in the wrong. Yes the Crack deal was wrong but does that mean he dont deserve a second chance at life! I feel God Lead Him there to keep him alive! Now in the Name of Jesus Christ, I pray this young man accepts Jesus Christ into his life and that his experiences change the life of another lost soul. thankyou Jesus inadvance…Amen!

  3. That guy, and the news director, should have some explaining to do. The reporter for obvious reasons, and the news director for allowing this interview to continue so long.

  4. He kept asking why would you let him in. She clearly stated that he never got in the facility. He was fishing. She handled that very gracefully.

  5. I guess you would get the the same response if a child is hurt or killed at this daycare. They were greetin a potential clients. But he was not a potential client he ask to use the restroom. Why would you let someone in who wants to use the restroom? And she should be glad that the police is trying to clean up the area around her daycare facility.

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