John Henry Spooner Shots 13 Yr-Old Darius Simmons

Darius Simmons Shooter John Henry Spooner Gets Life in Prison Without Parole

John Henry Spooner Shots 13 Yr-Old Darius Simmons

Darius Simmons shooter John Henry Spooner, 76, will be getting life in prison without parole after walking up to his 13 year-old neighbor and accusing him of stealing guns that he wanted back.

Darius Simmons would have never thought that a little old man would come and kill him while he was doing house chores as he rolled the garbage can back to the side of the house to be put up.

As soon as Spooner saw Simmons walk around the side of his home to put up the garbage can, the video taped by Spooner’s own camera showed him going back into his house to retrieve a gun to go and confront Simmons.

Simmons, who stood on the sidewalk in front of his home, could be seen standing confused as Spooner, an elderly man who is stated to have lung cancer and other aging issues, confronted him waving a gun as two small dogs ran around.

The young teen boy’s mother, who was inside the house at the door when Spooner, came over arguing testified in court that Spooner told her to call 911 and that he would teach her son not to steal before firing a shot at him which struck him in the chest.

Old man Spooner tried to fire another shot but his gun got jammed which could also be seen in the video as he fiddled with it.

The young boy ended up taking his last breath before emergency crews could arrive and died in his mother’s arm.

John Henry Spooner, who shot Darius Simmons, told police that his house was broken into days prior and he knew the culprits had to do with the black family next door which just had moved in and they had caused nothing but trouble.

Johny Henry Spooner was convicted of first-degree intentional homicide and sentenced to life in jail without parole.

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