Sharkeisha Fight, Sucker Punches and Kicks Victim

Meet Sharkeisha Tyesha Thompson Whose Fight Video Became A Twitter Trend

Meet Sharkeisha Thompson

A young woman named Sharkeisha has gone viral on the Internet for all the wrong reasons and what has everyone interested in her is that she accused an unidentified girl, whom she sucker punched aka super falcon punched, of allegedly trying to creep with her man or let’s just say someone’s man.

In the video, that is making rounds as the “punch heard around the world,” Sharkeisha, reportedly identified as Sharkeisha Tyesha Thompson, can be seen talking to a young woman before delivering her blow that knocks her unsuspecting victim down to the ground.

As the punch sends a loud thundering sound, the person seemingly filming can be heard calling out for Sharkeisha to stop as an on-looker runs to stop Sharkeisha as she seemingly kicks her victim in the face as she fell on the ground. This happens as the person filming continues to tell Sharkeisha not to kick her victim.

Following the sucker punch, in the longer version of the video, Sharkeisha can be heard telling her victim that she wasn’t worth it.

“Who you trying to f--k? You suppose to be my n---a though.,” yelled Sharkeisha.

Seems Charlotte, North Carolina police thought it was worth it because following the incident Sharkeisha, 22, was reportedly arrested and this wasn’t her first time being arrested.


That’s what sharks do, sneak up on you.

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