Sharmichael Manuel speaks on Sharkeisha fight

Sharkeisha Fight Victim Sharmichael Feels “Hurt, Crushed” By Fight Video

Sharmichael Manuel speaks on Sharkeisha fight

The Sharkeisha fight video victim Sharmichael Manuel, who was unsuspectingly sucker punched by Sharkeisha in the now infamous viral video, claims she was ‘crushed and hurt’ and is still being victimized.

Manuel says after her former friend Sharkeisha sucker punched her, she was astounded and did not expect her former friend to do something like that, as seen in the video.

As heard in the video, the savage sucker punch, that sent Sharmichael plummeting to the ground, was over a boy.

Sharmichael says that Sharkeisha was supposed to be her close friend and made it seem as though nothing was wrong earlier in the day before her attack, which was seemingly an ambush that left the teenager battered, hurt, crushed and humiliated.

Left with a black eye and a busted lip, the teenager did not return to school but was still victimized further from the laughs and jokes.

Manuel’s mother Olivia Henderson says that even people at the grocery store that she shopped were talking and taunting about her daughter Sharmichael since the fight video gained so much traction over the internet.

Following the attack, Sharkeisha was arrested, but there is no word on whether she was/will be or has been prosecuted although a report was filed with the sheriff’s office.

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