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Caught On Video: Chief Keef Affiliated Rapper Lil Reese Beating Alleged ‘Baby Mama’?!

A video of Chicago rapper Lil Reese who recently got signed to Def Jam is making its rounds after showing the young rapper fighting and beating up a young woman, who is reportedly believed to be his baby’s mother.

The video shows the rapper in a red hoodie with several other young men in hoodies as he and a woman have a confrontation. The young lady seems to be questioning who had let them in the house.

Lil Reese attempts to warn the young woman ‘stop talking to me like that,’ but she seemingly keeps taunting him so he pushes her in the chin.

In the video, the young lady proceeded to talk telling the rapper to not push her and to keep his hands to himself.

“Boy, don’t push me, and if you want that, you can get that. But … keep your hands to yourself though. They didn’t stop making guns when they made yours, ” Lil Reese is told.

A young woman did try to intervene before things got out of hand, but the two carried on.

Lil Reese eventually starting throwing blows at her after they exchange a few shoves. A few taps here and there later, the rapper and young lady exchange a few landed fists before he was accompanied by another male who seemingly kicked her along with Lil Reese while she was down on the ground.

According to the rapper, the video is at least a year or more old and the ‘haters’ just want to see him down.

“…Dey gotta b broke and bored wanna upload sum sh*t from years ago d*mnn we winnin it’s 2 late…#3hunna,” tweeted Lil Reese.

It is uncertain if the video was either released to hype up the rapper since he is newly signed or if it has anything to do with his connection or association with the GBE boys (Glory Boys Entertainment — Chief Keef and Lil Durk), as many are speculating over the internet.



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