Memphis Rumba Room Nightclub and Salsa Dancing
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Caught On Cell Phone Video: Memphis Nightclub Rumba Room MAGGOTS Infestation!

Memphis Rumba Room Nightclub and Salsa Dancing

Memphis nightclub Rumba Room got a bit of nasty publicity when a huge maggot infestation was discovered at their building.

A viewer sent in a smartphone video of the infestation showing tons of maggots surrounding the service entrance to the establishment.

Rumba Room, known for it’s Salsa nights, Latin food and dancing, located at 303 South Main St in Downtown Memphis, was actually known to have a good scorecard before this nasty discovery.

It was Tuesday, August 13 when the viewer sent in their video while showing the maggot infestation. Two whole days afterwards, WMCTV-TV‘s Restaurant Scorecard shot it’s own video of the still untreated infestation at the Rumba Room.

By the next day, Health Inspectors returned to Rumba Room for a re-inspection after being alerted of the infestation when Andy Wise’s Restaurant Scorecard requested another inspection of the building.

On Friday, August 16, inspectors inspected the building inside and out which, by this time, the maggot infestation had been cleared up.

The Rumba Room’s owner/partner Edgar Mendez admitted that they don’t come out to the back of the service entry between Monday and Thursday which is how the maggot infestation, that was cleaned up a whole bunch of bleach, was overlooked.

Rumba Room’s Scorecard has since been upgraded from 86 to 91 after they removed some spoiled food, which was also discovered during inspection.


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