Mapping Poverty In America Map - Memphis Poorest Neighborhoods

Thanks to NY Times, We Can Now See Where Poor People Live in Memphis

Mapping Poverty In America Map - Memphis Poorest Neighborhoods

Have you ever wanted to map poverty or see what areas had the poorest number of people and income in your city? Maybe you have or maybe you haven’t. But now you can straight from your geolocation, thanks to New York Times and data from the Census Bureau.

Not just Memphians, but anyone in the United States can view the poorest neighborhoods in your city straight down to the percentage of those below the poverty line and the number living in poverty by hovering over sections.

The initial map shown to you is based on your GPS if you allow it, however you can opt to look at a select list of cities located at the bottom of the “Mapping Poverty in America” ranging from New York, Washington, Boston, Los Angeles, Atlanta, Philadelphia, Denver, Chicago and others.

The poverty thresholds for 2012 is based on the following numbers, a family of four with $23,283 or less and individuals under 65 earning $11,945 or less.

See what areas are poor in your city by checking out “Mapping Poverty in America.”

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