Photo: Sara Shepherd. Albert N. Wilson
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Black Male, Albert Wilson, Gets 12 Yrs For ‘Making Out’ With White Teen, 17, He Met at 21+ Bar

Photo: Sara Shepherd. Albert N. Wilson

An all-white jury in Kansas just sentenced a black male, Albert N. Wilson, because 3 years ago the now 23 year old, then 20 year old, met a white teen, then 17 years old, in a bar called the Jayhawk Cafe for adults 21 years or older. The two ended up making out with each other after having drinks at the bar and that has landed Wilson in jail for a 12 year sentence.

On April 3, 2019, the Douglas County District Judge Sally Pokorny sentenced Wilson, a college graduate, to just over 12 years in prison for kissing and making out with the then 17 year-old white teen.

DNA test(s) concluded that intercourse hadn’t taken place nor bodily fluids was found on the victim according to a scientist with the Kansas Bureau of Investigation, who spoke during the trial. The only thing that was found on the alleged victim’s body was his saliva.

The alleged rape occurred in September 2016 where the victim was examined. Reportedly, swab analysis was done validating there was no sexual intercourse.

The alleged rape wasn’t reported to police until a month later in October 2016.

Many are calling the incident and sentencing an example of injustice to African-Americans.

An example of a comparison is a case involving a white male, Brock Turner, then 22, who was sentenced in June 2016 to a merely 6-months for raping an unconscious woman. Turner ended up only serving 3-months of his 6-month sentence.

Currently, a petition is in place to help support Albert Wilson and the injustice that he is facing. The petition which is online at currently has a little over 26,000 of the 35,000 signatures goal.

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  1. It says she didn’t report it until a month later, but somehow they still managed to find his saliva on her, how is that possible! Also I understand a trauma of being physically assaulted and traumatically afraid to tell. But if all they did was kiss, why wait to tell. And if she is unethical enough to lie about her age how can what she say be trusted?

    He had a terrible attorney!

  2. This is so wrong on ever side they did his to him because he was a black man and she was a white woman and they hate when a black man deal with their trashy daughter she should be lock up to and how in the hell did they conclude he rape her and no sex took place our black men’s need to look at these white woman as the trash some of them are

  3. Who let the underage b---h in the bar, and what took her so long to report it. He thought he was kissing a legal and willing participant. That’s that b------t!

  4. One of the first things that should have been looked into is why these two underage people drinking in a bar. The bar should take responsibility for serving minors. Secondly there was no sign of intercourse just kissing. Wtf?!? Its pretty obvious that the only crime is that of the bar. Hes in there under pretenses that it’s for ages 21+. This is a b------t charge. Just another black man falling victim.. sad..

  5. This s--t is sad and outrageous!! He did not rape her and if he did why she wait until a month later smh … This system is so racist

    • F–k white people? I’m the white b—h that WOULD have held up that Jury until they realized he did NOTHING wrong, or it would have ended up with a hung jury.
      F–k white people because a few a——s.
      You won’t wind up winning anymore allies that way.

  6. So are we gonna ignore the fact the girl went to a club that’s 21 n older she probably had fake id, she should be charge for using fake documents. But yet she must be 17 or 18 but I don’t see no one complains when a 50 year old or 69 year old having a woman that can b their daughter.

    • 69 to 50 are two adults. according to your logic because she went into the bar at 17 she is free game ? sexual assault, murder ? human trafficking? one illegal act doesn’t absolve him from illegal acts of his own. where the racial bias lies is in the sentence. the Stanford Dbag should have received twice what this guy did.

      • so you consider two consenting adults kissing as assault? See the problem with this is that if you kiss a woman, then make her mad later then she can say you you kissed her without permission? The big issue here that people are overlooking is the fact that she didn’t report it until a month later, yet somehow they still found his saliva. How is that even possible?

  7. Seriously? Justice what justice. As we say in the UK ‘only in America’. You should be ashamed of yourselves to allow this miscarriage of justice to happen?

    • I hear all the time false rape charges are about 3% of all charges. I’m really not sure about how’d they figure that out.

      I also read about is many false charges are filed by the parents of teenagers. Girls trying to not get in trouble with their parents, blame someone else. Guessing that’s what happened here. Hoping it dies as younger people become parents.

      I’d be happy to hear your thoughts and feelings on this. Been thinking about “white womens tears”, we need to grow a spine.

    • Say it louder. The lies that will take your freedom and your life……At least he hasn’t been Lynched, dragged or shot…..

  8. An example of a comparison is a case involving a white male, Brock Turner, then 22, who was sentenced in June 2016 to a merely 6-months for raping an unconscious woman. Turner ended up only serving 3-months of his 6-month sentence.

  9. This makes me sick anybody who believes as African-Americans we have a chance in the justice system today is sadly mistaken

  10. I am so sorry to hear this for it makes me extremely mad and angry. What should happen is he should be cleared of all charges. The bar should be charged and held liable and closed down after they are made to pay a substantial amount to the young man. The bar should have done better and the way children are built these days for I am sure she was fully developed for this young man to make his move.

    The judge should be charged as well and forced to give up the black dress that he wears daily. This is the most stupid thing that I have ever heard of.

    If he goes to jail the young girl should go to jail as well, for she had to have a false identification and force to do time as well.

  11. He shouldn’t have touched that fast lil b---h. And what happened to the bar for allowing a minor in to drink…black men better learn to stop touching these white b-----s

  12. This is absolutely disgraceful and RIDICULOUS what the Hell is wrong with a 17 year old ‘Making out’..this is just RACIST, USA still back in the days of and mindset of KKK..How can this keep happening in this day and age..America you need to WAKE up from your sleeping slumber and drag your RACIST arses into the present..#Makes #Me #Sick theres no justice for African Americans at all…Prominent Black People like Oprah and all her Crew need to make some noise about these cases…

  13. Oh no! An uppity negro smiled at a white girl!

    And Southerners wonder why the rest of the country looks down on them.

  14. im sick of this s--t…..more blacks need to become police….lawyers and judges and start sending white folks to jail like this…..they love elvis to this day and he MARRIED A MINOR……and a couple more of old a-s celebs married underage girls….and they give this dude 12years jus for saliva and he didnt even f--k….. BLACK MEN LEAVE THESE WHITE GIRLS ALONE…..AND WTF HAPPEN TO THE BAR FOR ALLOWING HER TO DRINK

  15. Well, just another example of being Black is a crime. This is outrageous, first off neither of them should have been there because he was only 20 at the time and she was 17. The bar needs to be held accountable. Then he absolutely needs to slap his attorney for letting this foolishness happen. Clearly based on the jury selection this trial was set up from jump, 12 white jurors? Are you kidding me? Regardless as long as things continue the way that they are, this type of stuff will continue to happen. People if you are sick of this please get out there and vote. Work in your neighborhoods to help educate one another some that we can all stay informed to help move out culture as well as other cultures forward and not backwards. Stop relying on others to take a stand first. it starts with us and and will end with us.

  16. These age laws with their black and white approach are retarded. DNA does not know how many revolutions around the sun you have experienced. And how is the bar not liable in any way? How is she not liable as a minor? In any case, its not rape. That is a total perversion of the word.

  17. THIS trump-ti-fide america continues its unwavering assault on the modern day black community!
    Each one of these stories are More harder to read/ hear than the last.

    • trump has nothing to do with this. but yes blame trump for every racist thing. cause you know racism didn’t exist until he became president. smh. ignorant fool.

      • Just to clear things up the reason why some blacks say Trump name is because until he came into presidency a lot racist people did not have the courage to show themselves publicly about their views against the minorities he gave many a voice look how many conducted themselves at his rally and all the innocent black who where attacked white America always have a way to forget their wrong doings it’s time to own up everyone can see that this educated young man got railroaded point blank period and your mad fall back please if you can’t sympathize with the situation don’t say nothing at all ignorant fool….

  18. This is ridiculous! The problem is black folks won’t stick together for anything. There should be protest going on at that courthouse on a daily basis. So much so that they would be forced to let him out on appeal.

  19. The judge as well as the jury are in cahoots right along with the prosecutor and his lawyer No Doubt this is just ridiculous I guess the brother now see the grass ain’t greener on the other side like he thought it was

  20. I do not understand this at all. So this girl met a man, kissed him and then accused him of rape. Horrible.

  21. This is getting old people when will it end,we African Americans are here to stay.we deserve equal rights,slavery is over.

  22. This is about the dumbest thing i have ever heared. These people really make me so dog gone sick. Hell, what was she doing in a 21 and up club.

  23. Yes I thought the same as Jacqueline bar should be held accountable!! This never should have even gone to a trail! Now kissing someone is punishable by jail when only 3 yrs apart!! Her parents should go to jail for not watching over a minor!!! He also needs a better lawyer!!!!! I hope and pray a great one out there takes this on pro bono! 12 white people are not his piers either!!!!Could they not find one black,latino, ect to be on jury?

  24. Thats some bs she told him she was older and didnt she at the f----n bar so he’s gonna think she’s old enough

  25. Why isn’t the location held responsible? That is beyond excessive, 12 years. WTH? And the jury…oh no!!!!

  26. In the interest of not looking like a racist….nope f--k that this story is truly f----d up but y’all need to shut the f--k up about this white devil b------t not all whites are the devil just like not all blacks are criminals this system is f----d up no doubt but y’all sound dumb as f--k pinning it on white people just f-----g ignorant

    • 🙋🏽‍♂️ As a fellow human being…. let me address this for you….. Its called pent up frustration! You ever watched an abused animal(person) get abused to the point where it stopped looking at its abuser and start looking around for anyone to help?!… Well it’s the same thing when “white privilege” is not recognized by the very people who enjoys its creature comforts and turn a blind eye to the reality of things. If YOU dont stand up to your peers who are oppressing and hurting a whole body of people, then you’ve turned a blind eye to it and became part of the problem. Do you really think all these unfortunate events can continue to happen if the 190+ million “Geopolitical whites” said STOP to all the bs?! That was a rhetorical question, the answer would be No, it would not continue. The fact that you consider yourself “white people” is a problem on it’s own. An American should just be an American! Despite the color patterns, a horse is a horse and a dog is a dog! The system is f’ed up I agree, but it will ALWAYS will be f’ed up because of mentalities such as yours who gets offended instead of feeling compassion toward the inflicted and anger toward the aggressor. When I see “Geopolitical Blacks” doing something stupid like shooting at eachother for colors worn, or messing up the neighborhoods they come out of, I feel embarrassment and prepare myself for the negative comments that’s going to come our way. But I never take it personal or get angry at the backlash of others even though I wasnt part of the frey. I understand as long as we are segregated humans, then 1 person will always represent the group in which it most resembles! It’s a sad thing, so help the situation instead of taking it personal. …. ps, I know you all ain’t the devils lol that’s just stupid… the devils are the people who actually commit the acts, your more like sheep! 🤷🏽‍♂️

  27. When it all going to end. How long are we going to be punished for being black and get the same rights equality as every other race, color and creed

  28. This young Man needs Justice for clear evidence of his innocents. And furthermore he needs to really slap a lawsuit against the alleged accuser and the bar need to be closed for allowing an underage girl with a fake id

      • 12 years. For a man of 20 who makes out with someone who is 17, which to my opinion is quite normal. But besides that, she appearantly pretended to be 21 or older. And even the bar manager let her in. So what the hell did he do wrong? And even so….12 YEARS ??! what the guy “did” and the sentence he got, it is so utterly out of balance. I’m glad that we in Holland don’t work with a jury to decide, but with one or more capable judges and humane laws. This is totally insane!

        • What everyone seems to be missing is that this incident took place in a different state than the Brock Turner incident. Different state with different sentencing guidelines for rape. To compare the 2 is like comparing apples to oranges and it is serving no purpose other than to unnecessarily rile people up. Also, this happened in Kansas, not some southern state as some have stated. In addition, before crying racism, everyone should do some research on other sites to find additional details regarding the charges and testimony. What this particular version of the story fails to mention is that this guy took this obviously drunk girl back to his apartment and made out with her on his bed. Her testimony is that she was saying No the whole time (which I know some of you won’t believe). He also said that he stopped and didn’t have intercourse because one of his buddies called him asking him where he was and he wanted to go back to the bar to see what his friend wanted. Really? You couldn’t just respond back to your friend via the text? And you were going hot and heavy with this girl and decided to stop to go see what your friend wanted? I’m black and if I was on the jury, I would not have bought any of that. He put himself in a bad position. So did she. But the law says No means No. I don’t see the racism here.

  29. I am crying reading this how can white people be so cruel and sleep at night. I am heart broken for this kid please I pray this gets over turned

  30. Where were her parents, since she was all an adult club???

    Furthermore, he may not be the only man or boy she made out with in the adult club.

    He should be set free and this case completely overturned.

    • There are witnesses who say she was so inebriated she couldn’t stand up and he coerced her back to his apartment. Please do not think this man got 12 years for nothing.

      • so are you going to address why she was at a 21 and older club? Did the people with her know her age? And if so, why didn’t they help her? Also, the people that watched her isn’t any better if they saw all of this happening and didn’t help.

        • Do you think lying about her age justifies taking a drunk teenager back to an apartment and assaulting her?

      • He brought her back to the apartment drunk so he can kiss her??! Jenna, you sound dumb! Before reading the comments do you think we didnt read the report which clearly expressed there was no “sexual” contact between them… so what did he rape to get 12yrs??? That’s exactly what he got 12yrs for, NOTHING!!! I’m sure you coerced a horse once or twice in your life to get that D, so you should be sitting in jail for rape!

  31. That means the club should be held accountable for allowing a under aged girl in the club they guy assumed she was 21 plus in the club so the bar owner should get 12 plus years and the guys family need to sue the club as well

    • The club certainly should face some repercussions because even he was only 20 at the time so neither of them should have been in that club. Don’t believe everything you read here though. There were witnesses who saw him coercing her back to his apartment and her being so messed up she couldn’t stand up straight.

  32. This is REALLY unfair. Not his life has been destroyed and stalled. All because he kissed a WHITE girl. Who’s family pressured her into screaming rape. Why cause she CONSENTED to a kiss from (what they called him) a n---a. If she didn’t scream rape it’s an embarrassment to the family. CHANGE is a mere figment of our imagination. The devil is still acting thru the WHITE man……ijs

    • I’m so confused right now. He should have never went to trial in the same state where everyone probably knows everyone he didn’t stand a chance.
      1 Why was she allowed in a bar for 21 and up.
      2. She was 17 the legal age for consent is 16.
      3. There was NO sexual intercourse.
      4. The bar should be fined.
      5. The young man should file a lawsuit against the bar.
      6. This need to be retried and overturned immediately.

    • Please read more about this case before you judge. This article is here to incite anger and keep everyone down and separated. You do not get 12 years for kissing. There were witnesses that say he coerced her back to his apartment and she was so drunk she couldn’t stand up straight.

  33. That little b---h should be charged for under age drinking, falsifying her identification, and setting this man up

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