Army Vet, Everett Palmer Jr, Dies In Police Custody, Body Returned With Missing Organs (Brain, Heart and Throat)

An Army veteran named Everett Palmer, Jr. reportedly died in police custody and the body was returned to his family with missing body parts including his brain, throat and heart; now the family wants answers.

Everett Palmer, Jr died a mysterious death and his family is wondering what happened to the 41-year-old US Army veteran and father of two.

In April of 2018, Palmer’s family were notified that he had died in police custody.

Two days earlier would be the last time his brother Dwayne would hear the voice of his brother Everett.

Everett Palmer had informed Dwayne that he was going to visit their sick mother and was also going to resolve any issues and make sure that his license was valid in Pennsylvania due to an outstanding DUI warrant from 2016.

Unfortunately, Palmer would die in police custody at the York County Prison.

Palmer’s family still does not know what happened to him and have grown suspicious of why some of his organs were missing when his body was returned to them. The organs were discovered to be missing after they had hired their own independent forensic pathologist .

It is believed that his death is a cover-up and, for almost seven months, they were thrown on a hum-bug after trying to track down his organs. Palmer’s family was told to check the funeral home. Civil rights attorney Lee Merritt stated that the funeral home hadn’t touched the body.

York County Coroner Pam Gay told CNN that there had never been any missing organs and that the lab that does their autopsies has the organs and those services are contracted out due to some coroner offices not always having a morgue or a forensic pathologist.

Gay stated that the company in Allentown doesn’t always tell them what they retain.

York County Coroner’s Office stated Palmer died due to “an excited state” and allegedly hit his head inside his jail cell and was restrained. His death was allegedly due to methamphetamine toxicity with a contributing factor of sickling red cell disorder (sickle cell anemia).

Palmer’s family stated that he never had any health problems and that the reports of him inflicting pain up himself (hitting his head) is totally out-of-character.

The York County Coroner Office returned to modify the autopsy results in July 2018 with his cause of death being stated as “undetermined.”

The family is looking for answers such as why hasn’t the video footage been released to the family as well as other questionable reports.

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