Memphis rapper Miscellaneous, real name Michael James McKinney, of South Memphis, Tennessee became known on the Memphis hip hop scene in the mid 2000’s with the radio hit song Memphis Walk.

Never except defeat without making an effort.

Rap is all about stories, both criminal minded and grand. Making them hard, to believe. But for those that understand the street codes, their easily convincing as the story teller. Miscellaneous has become well known for the talent of going over the top with his music. The talent of this rhyming rebel is constantly a hard blow to the chest.

In 1986, he entered and won, his first talent show, emulating the courses of Michael Jackson. In his teenage years, Miscellaneous went on to continue to pursue his dreams. He continued to enter and accomplish the winner status, in several talent shows around the Memphis area. He joined a singing group of guys, were he wrote most of the groups material. He was recognized as a leader, within the group. He then discovered that he had a talent of writing his own music.

Miscellaneous is considered, As one who gives a voice to the voiceless, through his raw lyrical content. Miscellaneous was born as Michael James McKinney, in October in the mid 80s. Born the son, to the late Mike James and Jackie McKinney in Memphis, TN. He grew up in the complicated streets of South Memphis, where he constantly moved around, due to the fact of his parents not being together. Miscellaneous finally settled in with his grandparents, who instilled in him the necessary values of life.

Stepping on the music scene in 2005, Miscellaneous dropped his first radio hit song Memphis Walk. Memphis Walk introduced a new sound to the south, as well a different flow. This debuted on his mix-tap Don’t Get mad Get Money. It also included his second hot single Still Counting. These hits had Miscellaneous name buzzing across the city and radio play in other cities, It then caught the attention, of rap artist Plies, whom he opened up for on tour, which included a verity of cities, in spring of (07).

By fall (07) Miscellaneous was charged with 1st degree murder and reckless endangerment. Out on bond in (08), Miscellaneous took probation and ordered by a court-judge to community service as his punishment. Miscellaneous was assigned to work with the National Civil Rights Museum and W.A.K.E Up Foundation. He traveled to various schools promoting peace, preventing teen pregnancy and living the right way, all while the youngsters Memphis Walk to his message.

He then went back into the studio to only make a vengeance back in the rap game. Dropping hit singles like Watch It Come Down, Rite Now and Boss Life. Miscellaneous didn’t stop there, he also appeared on (Grammy Award nominated producer) Drumma Boy mix-tap, Welcome 2 My City and also co-wrote the single Welcome 2 My City, produced by Drumma Boy. This got Miscellaneous nominated for various awards such as, (Rap Artist of The Year), (Lyricist of the Year) (Song of The Year) for the Knockdown Indie Awards. Miscellaneous was also nominated for (Performance of The Year) at the Southern Entertainment Awards. Making front cover of the Concrete Magazine for class 2010, it was hard not to acknowledge his talent.
Setting features on the (Oscar Award Winners) 3-6 Mafias new album and making another feature on Drumma Boys Welcome 2 My City part 2. Miscellaneous has also and continue to collaborate with big names in the industry such as Gorilla Zoe, 8Ball, and Jazzy Pha. Its just a matter of time, when Miscellaneous will make his permeated mark in the game.

Even though his lyrics are like spitting fire, Miscellaneous passion is caring for the well being of at-risk youth, in the Memphis Community as well, as his own off-spring. From coming from two drug addict parents, multiple arrest, being shot twice and being paralyzed for six months, it wasn’t always storm free. He is truly a great MC, that was born ready to take the music industry by storm with instant success. Miscellaneous has defeated his pass by teaching the youth, to live by his motto; Never give up on a dream, despite the short comings.

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