Crystal Mulford

Memphis Mom Caught Selling 14 Yr-Old Daughter On Classifieds Site and Social Networks

Crystal Mulford allegedly prostitute teen daughter

A Memphis mom by the name of Crystal Mulford was jailed after police arrested her for allegedly forcing her own 14 year-old teenage daughter into prostitution by listing her on classified websites such as Backpage and social media sites such as Facebook.

Mulford is accused of pimping her 14 year-old daughter out to several overaged men on several different occasions, at least 5 or more times.

Neighbors of Mulford were saddened to hear of the news while one neighbor told WMCTV-5 that they were not shocked at all after seeing groups of men picking her up at her home.

Memphis Police apparently found out about the illegal prostitution of the underaged girl after responding to a missing person call and finding the teenager in Governor’s Inn Hotel off Mt. Moriah Ext’d with a 35 year-old man.

Reportedly, the teen had disappeared before in Las Vegas in 2013.

Mulford herself also reportedly has been arrested for prostitution dating to back to 2003.

The mother was placed in Shelby County Jail on a $100,000 bond and is scheduled to make a second appearance in court on November 26.

Along with Mulford’s arrest, a man named Ben Bolton was taken into custody in connection with the illegal underage prostitution of two other teens who told police that he took pictures of them unclothed.

Both Mulford and Bolton were charged with sex trafficking.

Crystal Mulford and Ben Bolton

Crystal Mulford

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