Retired NFL star Corey Dillon Arrested for Assaulting Wife with SOY SAUCE!

Retired NFL star RB Corey Dillon was arrested for assaulting his wife. Dillon insists that he never laid a hand on her, which is right because he allegedly splashed soy sauce on her.

Corey and wife Desiree were at the dinner table having a heated verbal argument when they apparently began throwing “water and soy sauce” at each other.

Both filed for divorce last month and have been reportedly arguing every since. Reportedly, Desiree called 911 after being splashed claiming that Corey assaulted her.

Corey has denied assaulting her, but admits to his part in the throwing of soy sauce. Desiree stated “He did not hit Me, I called the police to diffuse the situation.”

Being arrested and charged with felony spousal assault, Corey was released on $50,000 bail.

I don’t know about you, but I would have taken Desiree down to jail also. If they both were throwing at each other, why does one party go and the other party does NOT?

There were other ways to “diffuse the situation” besides calling the police like walking away, instead her husband has a felony charge for SOY SAUCE.

Your married, you are suppose to be able to work out your own situations. Some of these women marry these players and put up with things while they are in the league and as soon as they retire or their career is over, the things ladies use to deal with, now become problems.

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