Memphis Grizzlies vs. Dallas Mavericks…. Trouble in O.T.

Our Memphis Grizzlies fell to the Dallas Mavericks 106-102. With a double digit lead in the 4th quarter you would think that the Grizzlies would be able to hold on and get a great win. There was one thing that was against Memphis the whole night…. their inability to make free-throws. The Grizzlies missed at least 10 free-throws in the 3rd & 4th quarter alone which led to a tie of 90 with 17.9 secs left.

17.9 secs and Memphis has the ball, okay it is time to win it.. or so we think. O.J. brought the ball up and held it until the 6 sec. mark then threw up a air ball. Memphis held the ball too long, they should have let it fly at the 10 sec mark.

Now what was so interesting was that in these last seconds, Do you think Dirk Nowitzki was in the game? No, Dirk was on the bench and I wonder why. Maybe because the Mavericks knew that the Grizzlies would do nothing with that last posession. The game went into overtime and the Mavericks took over from there.

“They probably relaxed a little bit,” Haywood said of the Grizzlies’ double-digit lead in the fourth. “It’s human nature. They probably thought: ‘OK, we’ve got this one.’ “Next thing you know, a bucket here, a bucket there, a couple of threes, some missed free throws, and we’re back in the game.”

“We can’t close out games,” Zach Randolph said. “That has been a big problem for us the whole season. We have to learn how to do that.”

The Grizzlies have just a few more games to shape up starting with New Orleans tommorrow night.

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