Cocaine, His First & Last Time or WAS IT?

Texas Ranger’s Manager Ron Washington told his team Wednesday that during the 2009 season he did cocaine. Known as “Wash” by the team, he was entering his 4th season with them. Wash was very apologetic about his usage and went on to basically say that it only happened once during the season and it will not happen again.

But, get this, it is cocaine Wash, you just do not all of a sudden try cocaine for the first time and decide that it is your last time, you become addicted hence the cocaine addicts. Voluntarily making himself available for any future drug tests, he also offered his resignation after coming clean about what he did.

“I apologize for a huge mistake I made,” Washington said. “I’m not here to make excuses. I’m not here for sympathy. That would be asking too much. I’m truly sorry for my careless, dangerous and, frankly, stupid behavior last year.” When in front of his team, he stated “I didn’t have much to say, other than the fact that I was sorry for what happened,” “I hope they will allow me to continue to lead them. They embraced it. And if you look around the room, you’ll see the support they have for me because they know the support I have for them.”

Texas Ranger president was nonchalant about the situation. “I was in total shock. Then I was mad,” Ryan said. “Then I was very disappointed. I went through an array of emotions.” The Major League Baseball, as a whole, has had troubles over the past years with performance enhancement drugs and now this. Do you actually believe that at Wash’s age that was his first time trying cocaine? Or maybe he heard there was going to be a drug test and had to pull a cover-up. He did say “It was the first time I tried it during the regular season” so that should explain it right there. Whatever it may be, he has apologized and in our forgiving world all will be forgiven.

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