72 Wins and Counting…. The Women of UCONN’S Basketball

And the UCONN huskies college women’s basketball team keep on rolling right on along. Winning their 72nd consecutive win Tuesday against West Virgina 60-32, these ladies finally celebrated while they reached their 16th big east championship win.

These are some bad ladies on the court. What I noticed more about this team is that even if their best players are having an off night others won’t fret they stepped up to the plate and took the challenge. Tina Charles and Maya Moore had a mediocre night but there was help on the way by the name of Kalana Greene.

Greene, who scored 15pts, easily also won the most valuable player of the tournament. “We had a lot of minature goals during the entire season,” said Kalana Greene, “Every championship that’s thrown at us we want to win it. The streak can be thrown at us and if we don’t win the Big East championship it doesn’t mean anything.” “I thought all year long Kalana’s been really consistent,” UConn coach Geno Auriemma said. “Whether it’s a defensive spurt, offensive spurt, or rebounding.”

Now the ladies have another challenge of winning the NCAA tournament title. They have 6 more wins to go to have their 2nd consecutive title and 7th title overall for their basketball program. Can you picture 33-0 again? I feel that they can. The Huskies have won five of the last six conference tournament titles and enter the NCAAs unbeaten for the fifth time in school history. Let’s wait and see the magic happen.

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