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This Video of Man’s Plea To Cop Not To Shoot Him Will Leave You Disturbed or Angry!

Police arrest Jefferson man without giving reason

Recently a video surfaced online of a man pleading with an officer who entered a Louisiana home to arrest him.

A Jefferson Parish, Louisiana police officer is seen on the video attempting to arrest the man who is notably afraid while given no reason for his arrest to the man.

The man was seeking answers while pleading for the officer to not to shoot him saying how afraid and scared he was of what the officer might do.

Donrell Breaux, 26, is the terrified occupant in the home who is seen begging the officer, who allegedly forced his way into the home to place Breaux in handcuffs.

Breaux believes the officer was there due to a neighbor’s complaint because Breaux and his friend were “cussing” on the porch earlier. Still, while he admits to using profane language, Breaux says the Jefferson Parish officer overstepped his boundaries and did not identify himself while attempting to force his way into the residence.

Breaux also added that he knew that the police officer was a personal friend of the neighbor whom must have been called to handle a personal vendetta after the neighbor came over to confront them about their use of profane language.

The video, which was captured by the homeowner on a cellphone, shows the deputy officer trying to handcuff Breaux while he clearly is asking the officer why, as the officer responds “I don’t answer to you.”

At one point, the owner, Eric Banegas, who is taping the video, is told to get out of the house by the officer. The homeowner responded to the officer, “this is my house.”

Breaux was charged with resisting arrest, disturbing the peace and battery of a police officer.

Meanwhile, authorities state they are looking into the matter, while Breaux is still seeking answers as well.

Officer Arrests Black Man For No Reason In His Own Home DON RELL BREAUX

This guy needs a great Lawyer. I found this video unbelievable. The cop has no charges, so he makes them up afterwards. resisting arrest, after the cop breaks into the home and disturbing the peace. At 1:53 the cop said ‘I’ll shoot ya in the head’ “Citizens may resist unlawful arrest to the point of taking an arresting officer’s life if necessary.”

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