Photo of Drumma Boy fashion and kicks
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Hip Hop Producer Drumma Boy: See What Sneakers Made His List of Top 5 Kicks

Photo of Drumma Boy fashion and kicks

Hip-Hop music producer Drumma Boy, a fashion enthusiast, recently expressed his love of kicks and revealed his top five favorite sneakers. Can you guess what shoe brands were on his list?

First sneakers on Drumma Boy’s list of top 5 kicks, as seen on NiceKicks, are the Adidas Superstars, which Drumma says made him feel like a part of hip-hop.

Adidas Superstar

Photo of Adidas Superstar Kicks

“After years of growing up or finding yourself, you start to become more familiar with what you like. You start to build a fashionable resume for yourself. I remember wearing Shelltoes with the adidas outfit one day when I was 12. It was crazy because the feeling that outfit gave me made me really feel like I was a part of hip-hop– like I’d been inducted into the game.”

Next sneakers mentioned on Drumma’s list were the Air Jordans 11 “Concord” which the producer says he loves the way they make him feel and look in the mirror.

Air Jordans 11 “Concord”

Photo of Air Jordan 11 Concord Kicks

“There’s no greater player than Michael Jordan. For him to take a price cut to bring a ring to that city as opposed to going to another team for more money was him really doing it for the passion, doing it for the love. The Air Jordans from 1 to 9 are probably my most favorite, but if I had to pick one model, it’d be the 11s. The way this shoe makes me feel and the way it looks in the mirror I love. Just classic.”

Next sneakers on Drumma Boy’s favorite kicks list are the Adidas Grand Prix, which he says he would wear to be a little smoother and they were his prep alternative.

Adidas Grand Prix

Photo of Adidas Grand Prix Kicks

“The Grand Prix is a shoe I’d choose to wear to be a little smoother. They often have the suede finish and they’re a little more comfortable than the Shelltoes. The Grand Prix has a little more of a soccer feel, and I think I actually got these one time playing soccer. There would be so many people wearing Shelltoes and I remember people wanted to know what they were. Kids in the hood weren’t rocking them. These were more of my prep alternative to the adidas world.”

Coming in also on Drumma Boy’s favorite 5 sneakers are the Converse Chuck Taylor’s. According to Drumma Boy, “Chucks are probably the cleanest, cheapest shoe…”

Converse Chuck Taylor

Photo of Converse Chuck Taylor (Black Leather) Kicks

“Chucks are probably the cleanest, cheapest shoe– and they’re only $39.99! I can’t ever remember a pair not looking good on my foot, whether it’s low top or high top. It’s a go-to shoe for the kids and for the single parents. To be able to get this shoe for $39.99 you’ve got to be happy every time you buy it. I just bought like four pairs of the leather Chucks. With me it’s about fashion and not finance; I go by fashion and not how much the shoe costs. That’s whether it’s $300 or $30.”

Last but not least, the next sneakers on Drumma Boy’s list for his favorite five sneakers/kicks are the Reebok Workout White/Ice. The hip-hop music-man and entrepreneur calls the Reebok the hood shoe and says that it is like the Mercedes 500 Benz.

Reebok Workout White/Ice

Photo of Reebok Workout Mid White/Ice Kicks

“Swizz, Ross, and the whole Reebok staff and family have been really good to me. But even amongst all that, the Iversons, the Pumps, and where Reebok came from, I’ve got to take my hat off to them. A lot of trends in hip-hop come from the street, especially in the South. I remember the Ruff Ryders/Cash Money concert came to Memphis back in ’97 and they were all wearing Reebok Classics. It was crazy to see DMX, Birdman, and Lil Wayne all on stage in Reebok Classics. It was almost like the hood shoe. It’s like the Mercedes 500 Benz— you see that everywhere in the hood but when you got to the suburbs you see more reasonable cars like the E-Class. Rocking that one shoe and then seeing your favorite rapper rocking it made you feel like you had on the right kicks, like I’ve got on nice kicks for real.”

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