Subway Fast Food Chain
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Subway To Remove ‘Dangerous Rubber Making Chemical’ From Sandwiches Following Petition

Subway Fast Food Chain

Subway, the fast food restaurant franchise focused primarily on submarine sandwiches and salads and “alternative healthier meals,” claim they are planning to remove a chemical from it’s sandwiches found to have been used in making yoga mats and shoe rubber.

The announcement came after a popular food blogger launched a petition gathering signatures claiming the company was using the dangerous chemical ‘azodicarbonamide.’

In the promotional image, which includes the hashtag #NoSaySubway, the blogger, whose name is Vani Hari aka the FoodBabe, clearly states that the chemical azodicarbonamide has been banned all over the globe because of its links to respiratory issues, allergy and asthma.

“This is not eating fresh,” Hari’s petition states, adding “we deserve the same safe ingredients that Subway uses around the world.”

Claiming she investigated Subway with no response in 2012, Hari launched her petition.

Subway’s Facebook page has been flooded with comments of users begging Subway to stop using the chemical in their bread. So, the company, that has endorsements with Olympic athletes and promotes eating fresh, has vowed to completely convert their bread free of azodicarbonamide.

Subway isn’t the only company which the chemical has been discovered in. Other foods companies include Kraft, McDonald’s, amongst others, which have been discussed over the years through Natural News.

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