Obama Pastor Jeremiah Wright To Be Joined By Memphis Ministers, Others at Press Speech

Reverend Jeremiah Wright, the former pastor of presidential candidate Senator Barack Obama, is preparing to publicly defend his comments and will be joined by Reverend Keith Norman of Memphis, TN and others.

Ever since Reverend Jeremiah Wright, the former pastor of presidential candidate Senator Barack Obama, made his controversial comments, the words and video of the pastor has been thrown back in forth in the media. While Obama has made it clear that he was not there during the particular controversial speech by Pastor Jeremiah Wright and Obama also made it clear that he did not agree with the comments of his pastor. However, media, some flared by comments of John McCain’s comments and Hillary Clinton’s comments, has still targeted Barack Obama for his pastor’s comments.

Obama has also since stated that he can not be targeted for the words of everyone he associates with or that associates with him, and some politicians including John McCain have agreed, yet still the Pastors’ comments are in the media and now Reverend Jeremiah Wright himself is addressing the issue to defend comments he says were taken out of context to make him appear ‘unpatriotic’ and he won’t be alone.

Reverend Keith Norman of First Baptist Broad Church in Memphis is one of those joining Wright in Washington, D.C. when he appears before the National Press Club, Monday and according to Pastor Norman, he won’t be alone and it’s not just black pastors who are preparing to speak up in support of Wright.

“This is not just African American pastors who are supportive of this. I’ve had calls from Caucasian pastors, from Jewish Rabbis,” Norman says, according to an article posted by Stephanie Scurlock of WREG Memphis. “When politicians want to be elected one of the hit list that they have. One of the targets that they have. One of the places they want to go is to the church but when the leader of the church speaks truth to power and says things that are accurate then people cry foul,” Norman continued.

Reverend Norman also stated that actually throughout history, pastors of all faiths and races have spoken out when situations in this country have warranted it and that’s why he believes “..African American pastors everywhere need to rise up” and they need to say whether or not they “agree with everything Pastor Wright has said.”

“We stand for the independence to speak truth to power especially in critical situations where information needs to be disseminated,” Norman said.

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