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Memphis Mayor Willie Herenton Is “Keeping it Real!” To Vacate Soon?!

Picture of Memphis Mayor Willie Herenton

The Memphis City Council voted 7-6 to declare a July 30 vacancy in the Memphis mayor Willie Herenton’s office on July 30 as seen in this video but that hasn’t stopped Willie Herenton who first made the announcement of his resignation.

According to the Commerical Appeal (CA), a special election will be held, likely in mid-October, to replace Mayor Willie Herenton, who sent letters to longtime supporters of his plans to retire as well as made multiple comments to media outlets confirming his intention to retire along with a farewell party on that date.

Willie W. Herenton aka Dr. Herenton, a proud graduate of Le Moyne-Owen College in South Memphis, and of the University of Memphis was the first mayor elected to five terms in Memphis when he was elected Mayor of Memphis again for this now last term. Though his resignation letter was shocking, it wasn’t the first time — back in 2008, Herenton announced that he would be stepping down as mayor also, not long after his re-election.

Reportedly, this time, Memphis Mayor Willie W. Herenton is supposedly retiring to join his son in a private investment business and to run for the 9th Congressional District seat held by Rep. Steve Cohen.

Though the council has voted, Memphis Mayor Willie Herenton has not yet finished his retirement paperwork and, according to CA, said this morning that his critics on the City Council and Shelby County Election Commission – who he feels are trying to push him out of office – are “perverted.”

“I’ve never seen this type of insanity,” said Herenton. “It’s a perversion. It’s perverted behavior. It’s racism. It’s small time thinking. It’s all of that.”

Guess the mayor was just quote “Keeping it Real,” as that’s reportedly what is the new slogan of Herenton’s campaign.

“We’re keeping it real… Keeping it real is the campaign theme,” stated Herenton, who reportedly is worried about the large number of candidates emerging to replace him as citizens have told him they are worried as well.

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  1. OMG! YOU GUYS ARE FOOL OF IT. LAST TIME i CHECKED HERENTON WAS THE BOMB. He is a big HORE. he slept with my sister and got her preganant. they are still seeing eachother. he tells her everything about this government and it is not all of his fault. He gives her so much money a month so that he will not get black mailed. hOLLA DOLLA.

  2. yall need to shut up criminal or not……herenton has done wonders for this city…took eyesores from the city and turned it to a wonderful place and let me say no raise in taxes!!!!!!!!!THINK ABOUT IT

  3. i agree with jay this criminal activity has gone on long enough and the fact that he cant make up his mind about leaving office makes me think hes up to something else illegal. herenton has allways been a joke and a waste of time to the city of memphis. maybe in the distant future we can rebuild what he has destroyed. and make an honest nice place to live again. i grew up in memphis and now live in oregon because the crime and criminal behavior that goes on there and it seems like nothing can be done about it. it seems that herenton is the most racist mayor ever to live and serve in memphis. i just hope to visit or live in memphis again someday when the property taxes are reasonable and the crime has gone down and “keepin it real” life continue normaly without ghettos and projects goin up every day. get out of office herenton you have done enough damage to the city and no b.s response you have can prove otherwise. and before you go it would be nice to apologize to the citizens of memphis not that your expected to because only a real man or mayor would do so. goodbye you loser crooked racist greedy b-----d!!!!!!

  4. The sooner the criminal leaves office the sooner Memphis as a city can unite and come together and rebuild. Hurricane Willie did some long term damage that will take years to fix.

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