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Top 10 Reasons for an Artist to Move to Memphis

Being an artist comes with its fair share of challenges, especially if you are starting out in this field.

Without the experience of having successfully sold artworks, you may be unsure how to take the next step in becoming a working artist.

One of the steps you may have to take is to move, especially if the art and music scene in your city or town is not very prominent.

Memphis, Tennessee, is a great city for artists, musicians, and other talented people. Some of the greatest musicians from the most popular music genres have originated in Memphis, Tennessee.

While Memphis may be most famous for Elvis Presley, there is so much more to the city and its culture and art scene.

Below are 10 reasons why any aspiring artist should think about moving to Memphis.

1. An Affordable City

One of the most important decisions you can make as a young artist is choosing where you will live. Even though areas such as New York City or San Francisco may be tempting, those cities are extremely expensive. By comparison, Memphis is a lot more affordable, which means your savings and artist earnings will go a lot further over the next few years.

If you end up moving to a more expensive location, you may find yourself having to work several jobs, or risk running out of money in no time at all. When you are settled in Memphis, however, you may not have to do more than sell your art pieces, and perhaps work one other job on the side.

2. Live Music

Being an artist means that you must constantly find sources of inspiration for your next work of art. If you want to have your art impacted by the culture around you, Memphis is a great place to live, as you can check out live music shows most nights of the week.

Not only can you get some great ideas for your artwork, or inspiration about cultural shifts in the area, but you can also meet some excellent people along the way. You can easily make new friends and learn about the music and art scene in the city by attending live shows.

3. Great Art Shows

Musical events are great for mingling and making friends, but you can also take part in activities that are more career-focused. Attending art shows is easy in Memphis, as many aspiring and established artists will host shows and set up galleries to display their work.

When you attend these events, you will begin to realize the quality of work you must produce to ensure that you have an art show of your own one day. You may even find yourself surprised as you see pieces that are not quite as good as your own work up there on the walls at a show.

4. Eclectic Night Culture

Between great music, art, and other happenings, you will always have something to do at night in Memphis. The night scene in the city is extremely eclectic, unique, and enjoyable. Between tourists from around the world, locals, and other people coming into town for the weekend from nearby areas, the Downtown area is always busy on Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays.

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5. Support for the Arts

Being in an area such as Memphis is great if you are an artist. Aside from meeting other people in your profession, you will also discover that the area is very supportive of art. Given Memphis’ history with musicians such as Elvis Presley, there is no doubt the city appreciates art in all its forms.

You can easily find out about organizations that are offering grants and scholarships to aspiring artists, as well as make connections to get your work shown at shows and gallery openings as well. Creating such a circle of friends and work acquaintances is not easy for artists, which is why living in an area such as Memphis is the best decision you could make.

6. Lower Education Costs

If you’re considering moving to Memphis, you may not only be thinking about yourself. You may already have a partner, spouse, or family to consider when making such a big decision. If your spouse or partner is thinking about continuing their education, Memphis is a great place for them to attend a top-rated college or university for an affordable price.

State schools are very highly rated in this part of the country, while tuition fees are a lot lower than you’d expect to pay in a bigger city in the United States. If you have young kids, their future schooling and college attendance will also be a lot easier if you live in Memphis.

7. Good Work-Life Balance

A city such as Memphis is great for building a life either by yourself or with a family. The work-life balance is a lot better in Tennessee compared to some other states, as people in this part of the U.S. value the time they spend away from work.
Whether you’re a full-time artist, or you plan to supplement your income with a service-industry job, don’t expect all your time to be taken up by work. Employers are very fair in Memphis, and they pay a decent hourly wage too.

8. Friendly People

The entire area is full of friendly and welcoming people who are ready to make you a part of their social circles. Memphis is a wonderful place to move as a younger person, as there are so many people that come from all around the country to build their lives there as well.

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9. Cultural Mix

There are parts of the United States where the cultural homogeneity can get a little challenging, especially for artists. If you want to experience talking and mingling with people from all walks of life and all parts of the world, then Memphis is the perfect place to set up your life for the next few years and beyond.

10. Comfortable Weather

Even though the summers do get a little hot in Memphis, the nights are usually fairly cool. The winters are a lot less brutal compared to other parts of the United States. If you’re someone who prefers the warmer weather and hates snow, then you’ll feel right at home in Memphis, Tennessee.

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