Top 10 Reasons To Visit Memphis

Memphis is referred to as being the Cradle Of American Music and while its musical history is a massive draw for many tourists, there are so many other reasons to visit this historic Tennessee town. Memphis is one of the most affordable places to visit in the States and is home to approximately 650,000 people. The largest city in Tennessee certainly makes for a captivating place to visit. Here are our top 10 reasons as to why you should make Memphis your next holiday hot spot!

1. The great weather. Memphis has fabulous weather all year round and the average winter temperature is pretty mild.

2. The food is awesome. There is a reason why a Memphis style BBQ gets everyone excited and this is because this city produces BBQ food like no other. Be sure to try all the BBQ-flavoured goods while you’re here!

3. Memphis is beautiful. There are few sights as lovely as the Mississippi river when the sun is setting and has some fabulous architecture to marvel over too!

4. Memphis Zoo. Memphis Zoo has been hailed for being one of the best zoos in America and offers visitors the chance to see its 3,500 species of animals.

5. Its stunning and affordable hotels. Memphis is one of the USA’s most affordable cities and there are plenty of budget hotels to choose from when planning your stay.

6. The Cooper Young Festival. The Cooper Young Festival hosts musicians and artists from all over the South and offers some of the best restaurants and boutique shops in the area.

7. The National Civil Rights Museum. This group of museums is located in Memphis and details what happened during the Civil Rights Movement. This important part of American and global history makes the museum a must-see. It is also located very close to the spot where Martin Luther King was assassinated.

8. Shelby Farms Park. The Shelby Farms Park is the nation’s largest urban park and offers visitors the chance to take a boat out on the lake, look at buffalo, enjoy the nature or go for a hike! It offers a great chance to see how local’s ‘chill out’ and boasts some excellent food trucks if you’re feeling peckish.

9. Graceland. There is no way a trip to Graceland can be complete without paying a visit to the home of Elvis Presley. The huge mansion sits on an impressive 14 acres of land and attracts 600,000 visitors each year.

10. Beale Street. Beale Street is the heart and soul of Memphis and is home to an abundance of music shops and live music venues. Pay a visit to the birthplace of blues and retrace the steps of music stars that have walked the streets before you…

If you’re looking to take the trip to Memphis and are planning on driving to the airport, be sure to compare parking prices to save yourself a little extra cash that can go on treating yourself while you’re enjoying your travels instead!

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