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Memphis Driver Shoots At Ambulance On Interstate In Road Rage

In a bizarre story of Memphis road rage, a male driver reportedly shot gunfire at an ambulance on a stretch of I-240 in South Memphis possibly because the man believed the ambulance had cut him off.

WREG reports that Allen Wilkerson, owner of Eagle Medical Service (EMS), claims that his two medical technicians, who both have small children, are “shaken up” after a man in a green Ford Taurus fired gunshots at them on the interstate.

While driving from downtown east on I-240, the EMTs noticed the green Ford Taurus swerving in and out of lanes so they attempted to make way for him.

The attempt apparently failed because the driver of the Taurus pulled up alongside the driver’s side of the ambulance and angrily gestured something.

Trying to apologize in case they cut him off, Wilkerson says one EMT shrugged his shoulders, throwing his hands up to attempt to say ‘sorry.’

Again, an apparent failed attempt, as the driver, by this point, threw his finger up, said, ‘just a moment,’ reached down and pulled out a black, automatic pistol which he pointed at the driver.

By this time, the driver of the ambulance sped up and changed lanes to try to avoid him, but the driver of the Taurus sped up as well alongside the passenger’s side this time and was able to fire off one gunshot at the ambulance before exiting the interstate onto South Parkway.

Reportedly, the EMS medical technicians had just dropped off a patient and were on their way to pick up another when the incident happened.

Fortunately the ambulance wasn’t hit and they weren’t transporting a patient.

If a patient would have been in the ambulance on oxygen, the bullet could have hit the oxygen tank, with compressed gases and caused an explosion, expressed Wilkerson.

The incident left Wilkerson wondering “Why would someone want to shoot at an ambulance? We’re the good guys.”

At the time of press, police had not found a suspect.

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